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The "Preview" Thread

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Well I've been real inactive lately... But I'm still here... I plan to have this park posted sometime around Halloween, but I can't possibly anticipate any delays on this. I originally intended on it being done by September... Oh well, the longer I work on it, the better it gets.



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There's basically nothing to see here...but I'm working on something so I figured I'd share, since I haven't in a while.


"Death is only the beginning..."


Tyler, this looks really nice! Might i even say... hot??!

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Oceano: A Unique Marine park... coming soon...

Here is a preview of Turranga... the first major coaster in my first major RCT3 park... it is NCSO! I am not done with RCT2... just expanding my horizons.


An ancient curse on Tupai Village has turned the princess into a fierce beast called the Turrnaga. She is wild and frightening while able to maintain her her grace and beauty! Will you be able to escape the cursed Polynesian Village of Tupai, or will the Turrnaga prevail in making you her prey?

Riders must be 48 inches tall to ride Turranga!


A themed que leads to...


The intamin megalight: Turranga!


Providing everything from intense airtime...


To twisty overbanked turns and and low to the ground elements!

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Sheesh, I would never spend time re-making supports that already looked perfectly fine, realism or not. Honestly, if I would have to remake every single support to make it look like a Gravity Group wooden coaster to please NewElement or whoever, I wouldn't even bother.


If you're still adamant about this project, I would still get rid of the giga braces and continue your existing structure, leaving adequate clearance for the roadway. You can get rid of a section of garden to include a support structure that's anchored to the ground in the roadway's median.

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