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The "Preview" Thread

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You should definitely try coloring the tips of the supports connecting to the track yellow. They'll look more realistic (like actual track nodes) and the glitches won't be as apparent...

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I'm so excited to share this. Here's a Strata coaster that I'm working on called "Kenzero". Its basically what I think A strata coaster would be if Intamin made another one today, based on the I305 support system and QDC's. Trackwork, scenery, and supporting are not finished. (So basically everything (; ) I will not be double spining my track, though. Hope you enjoy!


NOTE: THERE STILL IS MUCH TO DO. Support 180º turn, tunnel, attach tower track to support towers,add hydraulic launch system & cables, etc etc. I work at an odd pace!




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I just lost some of my most impressive archy work EVER! Expect this to be remade soon... It sucks this happened... but live and learn I suppose... and I can fix this. My upstairs computer doesn't save screens and my downstairs doesnt save games(corrupted file) So I will save upstairs, take screens on the downstairs computer, and play exclusively upstairs.


Crtitique please and like I said expect something similar to this soon...


:( Live and learn...

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^^The ghost: sick job with that ncs work and without hacks (I believe). Just change the direction of the black wooden blocks on the roof so they are consistent or have some pattern.


^Funkeymon: just add some more detail to the building (windows, doors, etc.) and stay consistent with the fences around the balconies. Those pillars look really good.

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Any coaster that has a vertical loop in it's "special" track section menu can go vertical. Wooden coaster trains, Schwarzkopf trains, and possibly the SLC and B&M invert style coasters also can go vertical even though the tracks in the game for them don't have vertical drops. I hope that answered your question!

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