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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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Oh, and I just remembered: I'll be riding Helix AND Piraten with just one day in between.


Top 2 coasters in northern Scandinavia, that's what that is. Add Balder, Lisebergsbanan and Juvelen and you almost have top 5.

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The music is awesome, but it still has NOTHING on the reigning champion!





Yep, that Music is stunning for a queue tune! Just to bad that everything Russian gives a bad taste in the mouth these days...

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Helix Blog Update - The queue is taking shape

Lisa posted another update this week, this time she is concentrating on the status on how the queue is progressing.

There are loads of people moving around in the station area. Preparations in the maintenance area are done to receive the trains tomorrow, electrical works to hook up the control booth is progressing to prepare the ride for testing, the façade is being installed, the roof is nearing completion, etc.

But the area that requires the most work on site is the queue itself. Mainly because it's very complex but also since it's pretty long. The capacity of the queue is 1000 people (not sure if this includes the overflow area or not).


Source: http://projekthelix.se/kofallan-tar-form/




Angles and paths underneath the station trough


Underneath he platform, the small stair to the right is the chicken-exit


There are loads of stuff happening in the main area, but all the extra scaffoldings makes it's hard to get an idea on how it will look eventually


A view from the Express-pass entrance, you can see the overflow area to the left side, and to the right there is the continuation of the Express-pass line


On the path you saw in the image above, it will continue down a set of stairs, then meet the normal queue at the platform where the chicken-exit came down on in a picture above

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^I was also thinking the same! That will be a pretty important week and, guess what: it will be THE ONLY week in the whole year when I probably won't have internet/computer access due to a school trip. Great.....

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^ Since Lisa on the blog have stated that they intend to put a camera on the first go, then I would say that it's due in 2 weeks


By the way it looks like they are making preparations to add the first train to it's bay in the maintenance shed. Heck they even brought out the vacuum cleaner to clear up the concrete slab underneath the switch track


They even brought up a massive crane for the job :)

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