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  1. Totally agree. There should be a singles queue. When you walk up the final stairs to the loading station there is Place for a singles queue. Should help in filling the trains. Or, maybee the express pass entrance could be used for single riders also...
  2. I just came home from a wonderful evening at Liseberg. I had the luck to be among the first 5 when the ride opened for the staff evening. We went on the second train to be sure to get the front seats for our first ride. The ride is just Beautiful. I haven't been riding hundreds of rides around the World like some of you on this site. But among the 30-40 rides I have done, this is absolutely one of the best - if not the best. The ride is so smooth and you sit perfect in the seats. I have not been on blue fire Before so this was first time for me in this type of Mack ride. The restraints are perfect! They keep you in Place and lets the whole body free. Brilliant! The ride never feels to fast it's just a nice twisting tour around the park. Two air times stands out. The one after the pretzel loop and the one after the top hat are just great! The launchers are so nice and does not kick you in the back. As the train already are doing good speed into the launchers there is just a slow steady acceleration up to speed. This ride is so civlised all people can ride it without problems. The last times I rode it I went into the back seat. That was a real kicker! As you fly out of the station and get Airtime into the first drop you realize this will be fun. And it is. The ride is nice up front, but gives some serious action riding in the last train. I really prefer riding in the back and recommend it for all who likes to get tickled! So when the evening is done, and I think back, I must first of all give big thanks to Liseberg and Andreas Andersen for making this dream come true. I have been dreaming about a more gutsy ride on the Liseberg hill all time since 1986 when I rode Lisebergbanan the first time. And this wonderful coaster delivers - in spades! Are you in northern europé and like rollercoaster you have to come and visit! This one is a keeper!
  3. Ahhh. Glorius morning. While driving to work today, I watched helix standing there on the mountain. Standing there waiting... for me... Just 9 hours to go until first ride! This work day will be so slow!
  4. Exactly! And that´s a good thing. It doesent scare people just give them a nice speed increase for the coming track segments. Boost coaster, nice Word! By the way, every time I get by the parking garage I wonder if i'll meet some of you guys up there - but so far I have been alone... well that time is soon over. In a week stime we can look at Helix up Close
  5. I stopped by the parking garage yesterday evening. They were running tests on Helix continuously (empty trains)! As soon as the train came in it went out again within 3-5 minutes. I watched the train go through the track three times. I must say, it looks glorious. At the distance it didn't seem to go fast at all. The launcher gave the train more speed but not like the other launcher at Liseberg (Kanonen). It seemed very graceful when the train launched up to speed. Actually before the top-hat the speed increase was not that big and the first time I saw it I wondered if it would be enough. But seconds later the train went through the top-hat and it looked beautiful! It went so graceful that my wife who were with me (and normally is not to fancy to ride rollercoasters) said that she would like to ride it! 7 more days until I get to ride… can't wait!
  6. Well I am lucky to be joining close friends (who work at Liseberg) the 23:rd! Cant wait!
  7. Liseberg will have its season opening day for the staff the 23:rd April! Guess that a lot of photos and videos will be posted that evening ...
  8. Thank you for the Pictures! Helix looks so awesome! Like I said a couple of Days ago, that pretzel loop is a monster! Same height as the cobra loop on The Hulk, Orlando! Thank you Liseberg for blessing us with this magnificient ride!
  9. Yep, that Music is stunning for a queue tune! Just to bad that everything Russian gives a bad taste in the mouth these days...
  10. Hi guys I just drove by Liseberg 15 minutes ago and decided to stop and take a look at Helix... There is just ONE piece left!! Its the top piece of the Pretzel Loop thats missing. My guess is that this will come into place today or at the latest tomorrow. I'll bet we'll soon have a new blog-post on the official site celebrating this milestone! Also, it was strange to drive by the storage area - and se it all empty. All pieces are in the park now... Soon it'll be time for riding this sucker!
  11. Yeah, that Pretzel loop will be humungous!! As the fog today made it hard to watch on the webcam what was going on I passed by Liseberg on the way home... When I stepped out of the car and took a look at the Pretzel loop I completely dropped my jaw! This thing is HUGE! Much taller than I anticipated from watching the computer made animations! If I would compare to a famous coaster that I have been on I would say that the height is comparabel to the Cobra Loop on The Hulk at Universal Studios in Orlando! OMG! Cant wait to ride this thing...
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