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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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Oh look! What was that?


(screenshot seen on coastersworld.fr)


Is this a ghost, or... oh my. A train! Woohoo!



Something like the image below I got just now, too bad that it's a few seconds early to get the proper money shot


So close!!

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Testing videos cannot possibly come soon enough.


I need to see this thing in action before I drool myself to dehydration.

Are you sure that a testing video won't make it worse??


Someone posted on the official blog that he saw a roll-back on the top-hat earlier today, so they are really working hard on the testing protocol.

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I work in the park, and I saw it go without stopping!!!! ITS REALLY AMAZING! But do they use different wheels for the testing?

Because there were a lot more sounds, compared to blue fire...


My friend who's going to work on helix, recorded helix going through the helix..., but I don't think we are yet allowed to show it!


But i have to say, it looks amazing when train swooshes through the track! Can't wait for the park to open!

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But do they use different wheels for the testing?


Very hard to speculate about, we won't know until the park release something about it. But in general testing is conducted with the wheels it is intended to run with, and then changed if necessary.

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Lisa got put up another blog post giving us a chance to win places in the first train without having to pay for the newspaper.


I got really excited about it until i realized you had to write a motivation on why you should get them. That's just a think I'm really bad at.

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^ Yeah, and then the press-day the day after. Which will definitely will produce a lot more images and videos on and off the ride, I know, I'll be there with my camera

But on the competition part, then I might send one in, just for fun that is


Seems like they are taking out the train again, so hopefully some more testing soon

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