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  1. According to the local newspaper, Kolmården will replace cylinders that keep the restraints in place. Some kind of manufacturing error has been discovered on another park location and the park will therefore take extra measures to make sure that Wildfire is equipped with the correct parts. They expect it to take 3-5 days to get the new parts and to do some testing. http://www.nt.se/nyheter/norrkoping/wildfire-stangs-av-delar-maste-undersokas-vi-ar-otroligt-ledsna-om4183670.aspx
  2. So excited for the premiere! Been visiting Kolmården many times since I was a kid. Back then there were only animals in the park Does anybody know if there is going to be some kind of press-event before the premiere or if they will just open it to the public on the 18th? *Also big thanks for the extensive coverage of the construction from the Wildfire crew
  3. The Scandi-trip looks so amazing! Haven't been to Gröna Lund in like 8 years! Will try to plan a visit asap.
  4. Exciting! I sent an email, would be nice to attend. It's a great ride.
  5. ^ At 1:32 in the video, I can imagine the designers: - Guys, I'm out of ideas. Do you have any suggestions on how to finish this ride? - Naaah.
  6. ^ It looked massive indeed, but I'm actually glad that they scrapped the idea. As Liseberg realised, the mega coaster did not at all utilize the topography and the terrain in a good way. It would also create a djungle of supporting pillars that would ruin the scenery. I think Helix will blend in extremely well with the environment when the planted trees get going
  7. Great pics, thanks! Noticed a GoPro on the mine train ride, is there a pov online? What should I search for?
  8. Mack has released a video depicting the evolution of Helix. It has the great Helix music which is just alone a reason to watch this.
  9. Promised to return with some pics from the opening day. However, I realised that these where neither that many or particulary original. Anyway, here they are as promised. A pic from the bottom of the hill, at the start of the escalators. The wall in the lobby where media-people and blog-winners could sign our names. This will later be made permanent. A pic of Fingal, who is in charge of Helix, demonstrating the "garage". From the control room. Liseberg was especially proud of its chair with controls on each side of the chair, instead of having them as a panel.
  10. I don't want to spur some kind of debate, but I would side with Mack on this after riding Helix a couple of times. The lap bar is the only restraint and you as a rider does not have any contact with the floor of the car due to the height of the seat. Hence, your body is subject to all kinds of forces (which is nice ofcourse). But even me having an "average" body felt that I really wanted the lap bar tight due to the numerous inversions, at least if your ride with your hands in the air. Also, the height restriction is 130 cm, so I can imagine it is better to be safe with little kids riding as well.
  11. Amazing pictures Loefet! Its really funny that you actually managed to get a pic of me during the first launch! Its me in blue shirt with my arms in the air in the first car on the "Bzzzz" picture! Helix is really majestic when you stand close to it. I can just stand and stare at it for hours. Ofcourse I managed to get a seat with Helix-view when I had some food As said above, Lisebergbanan and Balder were in great shape. Especially Lisebergbanan which I have found a bit slow the previous two years. Yesterday however, it was brilliant. Also managed to get a ride in the last train of the day on it. Does someone know if it always have had headlights? I can't remember seeing them before.
  12. Yesterday I had an amazing day in the park. Perfect weather and very short queues (except for Helix), I have never experienced anything like that. To be able to just go and have another ride on Lisebergbanan as soon as its finished was amazing. Before riding Helix I spoke briefly to Justin Garvanovic from ECC about his favorite seat in the Helix train and he said that it depends a lot on which riding preference you have. Couldnt be more true! I got to ride Helix three times yesterday. The first one was in the very back in the first "official train". A solid ride with a lot of forces, especially in the pretzel loop. During the day, I thought that the ride just go better and better. Its very smooth and it never gets boring, fun from start to end. The seats and restraints give you a nice feeling of freedom. I'm seeing Helix as a Lisebergbanan 2.0 in the sense that it has a very smooth ride with an interesting and sometimes complex layout. It is not as intense as Balder in terms of forces, but a beautifully executed experience. Overall, a very nice ride (including the amazing queue area).
  13. A mini-documentary on the construction of Helix (in swedish/danish).
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