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Liseberg Discussion Thread

p. 119 - Oceana water park announced!

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More Helix construction images from the unofficial Helix FB page.

Lot's of stuff is going on


Is that really what the station building is going to look like?

It looks like the Hulk station and the Guggenheim art museum had a kinky love child.


I love it.

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Oh yeah, totally post modern, retro Guggenhulk. We studied that in Humanities class. It's a break away from the Lackluster Carcinogen Era. Roughly dating back to the Sumatran Espresso invasion of the first Polish Oligarchy. Any first year art major should have known that.

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Oh yeah, totally post modern, retro Guggenhulk.


Guy...sorry cause this isn`t new to you....but I have to say your sense of humor is absolutely AWESOME


Thank you for your kind words sir. I just type out the conscious stream of bile that spews from my brain, and if people get it, awesome! If they don't get it, no biggie! If they find it funny, then mission accomplished.


It warms the cockels of my... ...oh hell, it just warms my cockels that you appreciate it, and that it brings a smile to your face.

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  • 2 weeks later...

No helix update this time, but something a lot better in my opinion.


Some of you might remember this image that I have posted earlier:


Green = Liseberg

Yellow = Liseberg owned space which today is parking

Light Blue = Liseberg facilities

Purple = A small printing works

Red = Buildings that once housed a SAAB gearbox factory

(the edges are approximate, and include some faults)


This red area is a prime location for Liseberg to expand, it have been that for a long time, since the park is land locked on more or less all other sides. But as you all know that SAAB went bust some time ago, which meant that there was a golden opportunity to finally secure it, and since then Liseberg and the city of Gothenburg have been in a discussion with the land owner about buying the area. And today Liseberg posted a press release and stated that they and the owner of the buildings have reached an agreement that Liseberg will buy the whole thing for 250 MSEK.

This is epic news, since it will give Liseberg the space to grow for a very long time in the future.


Source: http://www.mynewsdesk.com/se/pressroom/liseberg/pressrelease/view/liseberg-koeper-vaexellaadsfabriken-av-platzer-873441 [swedish]


Some Helix images will come soon though...

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So according to an article about this in the local paper then this acquisition will boost the available expansion space for the park to a massive 80000 square meters, the park as it is today is 160000 square meters, so it would be possible to increase the size of the park with 50% if they want to. But I'm pretty sure that some of this available space will be going to some parking structure to replace the large parking area, some will be maintenance and warehouses for the park, there have also been some plans to build a new Liseberg Hotel, a new grander southern entrance and possibly also an indoor section of the park, so that they could be opened year round in the future.

According to the CEO then some buildings on the site will be levelled but others will be kept and integrated into the park.

The whole sum of 250 MSEK will be financed with a loan, wonder if it will reduce the yearly budget for new stuff or if they will keep on spending on new things. It really doesn't matter in the end, since everything that is great for Liseberg is also great for the city itself.

Source: http://www.gp.se/nyheter/goteborg/1.1712327-liseberg-expanderar


The question is how this will change the planes for the future, will they still begin with the southern parking lot to expand the park, or maybe wait with that and focus on the area behind Kanonen and Balder?

One thing that is for certain is that the space is massive, something like the size of Millennium Force would almost fit. Something like I305, Skyrush, or any large B&M invert would be a piece of cake to put there though

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Massive photo update


As promised, here are some images from my 2 visits during the past week. First up some Helix images before some more general ones.

But before them, I just have to say, after receiving the whole Kaninlandet experience in an open park with nice weather, I have to say that the old kid's area feels like a bad dream that have never happened, I can't really imagine it any other way than it is today, which is really awesome to get this feeling from an area that is brand new.

Also, Plättarna are AWESOME, bumped my count with 18 these past visits, and there will definitely be more of those at later visits



Construction wall at the turnaround before the pretzel loop


Getting ready to blast in an area above the last image


Future area of the first launch, towards the image


Station area


More station


One of the footers for the corkscrew after the first launch


A complete mess of things near the last image


Getting ready to blast at the exit of the pretzel loop


Construction HQ


It's not only enthusiast that are interested about this project, the local wild life is as well


Some pole?


Discussion close to future footers


Seems like this peaceful area soon will have trains zooming past above into the first launch


A digger that is digging away somewhere


Primed and ready


Another footer


Getting ready to pour the first footers


Future arm chopper moment at Lisebergbanan


Second launch coming this way


Second launch other direction


Pretzel loop area


Just imagine how awesome it will be with a massive pretzel here, mmm pretzels :)


It will weave into here somewhere


Whole station area


It will squeeze through this tiny hole as well


Enough of >Helix, let's have a look at the rest of the park


Kaninlandet is looking GREAT!!


The greenery that have been added since the press day really help to set this place off


Same thing here, you really can't see what's new


The old timers really blend in


Dangerous things


One of many shows that have been on the rise for the past few years


Really funny how they have been handling all these weights...


...until this point :)


Great interaction with all the kids


The airtime on this ride is a real surprise


Hidden rabbit??


The whole Kaninland area


An update without Balder is a bad thing, so here it is


The area between Balder and the Turbo shot, including the large low buildings with the black roof, will soon belong to Liseberg :)


A bit of greenery and people have made this place an awesome part of Liseberg


Wonder if this is a theme malfunction, or just what it should be??

I don't really know, since I haven't really been waiting in line ever for Atmosfear long enough to notice


Great photo op


That's all from Liseberg this time



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Hi All,


As i mentioned in an earlier post , I'm going to visit both Grona Lund and Liseberg in a few days.


Beside the bigger rides -All the roller coasters, the drop tower at liesberg and eclipse at Grona lund,

what do you think are the must-do-hidden-gems in these two parks?


And, what is the "not to be missed" food while you are in Liesberg\Grona lund? (read somewhere on some great deserts i think )



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^ In no order or category....


Liseberg - Haunted Hotel; raft ride; pepper steak.


Grona Lund - SpookHouse; dark ride; Funhouse.


That's all I got (and remember), but it's a few for you to check on.

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