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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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Went past Liseberg today. The demolish of buildings due to the construction if a train tunnel "Västlänken" under the city has begun. The sporting arena Liseberghallen is first to be demolish, the main entrance, Rondo and a parking garage is up next. Liseberg is also demolishing other building to make space for a parking garage due to the construction of the hotell/adventure water land that will occupies the parking space south of Liseberg.



The demolishing of Lisebergshallen has started


Space for a new parking garage


They will remove the Christmas star from AtmosFear tomorrow



/// Marcus

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Swedish amusement park invests 14 million euros in new dark ride




The biggest amusement park in Sweden will open a new dark ride in 2020. That has Liseberg attraction park, located in Göteborg, just announced. The family attraction of 14 million euros, which is going to be called Underland, is completely dedicated to rabbits.


"Visitors are invited underground to experience the secret world of the rabbits, with several fantastic scenes", Liseberg says. The mascot of the park is a green rabbit. Underland will be the first darkride in Liseberg in more than forty years.


The transport system, with eighteen carts for four people, is supplied by the Italian manufacturer Gosetto. The track will be 190 meters long. A ride will take about three and a half minutes. For the decorations, the park will work with the Dutch company P&P Projects. The moving figures come from the American company LifeFormations.


The attraction will be located in the Kaninlandet children's area, which means Rabitland. A theater could be found at that location. In total Liseberg invested 19 million euros in the themed area.


Director Andreas Andersen expects a lot from the new darkride. "We are setting a new standard for this type of attraction in Sweden," he says. An old darkride with fairy-tale characters was demolished in 2017. "We promised our guests that the replacement would be bigger and better, and we are now meeting that promise."



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^ This is like Mickey Mouse (and Minnie) finally getting his own attraction!


Good for the Green Rabbit and all his.....family.


Me and the big green guy. TPR 2014 Scandi Tour.

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The biggest amusement park in Sweden will open a new dark ride in 2020. That has Liseberg attraction park, located in Göteborg, just announced. The family attraction of 14 million euros, which is going to be called Underland, is completely dedicated to rabbits.


That is awesome news! We talked about when visiting Liseberg for the opening of Valkyria last year, that it would be perfect for Liseberg if the next attraction would be a high-quality dark ride. I also love the story for this!

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Liseberg has sent us a press release announcing the details about their new Underland dark ride, which will open in 2020.



In November, Liseberg announced that Kaninlandet (the Rabbit Land) – Liseberg’s children’s area – would be expanded in 2020. Today, Liseberg proudly presents Underland – the underground world of the rabbits – a major new family Dark Ride, as part of this expansion.


The Dark Ride will take guests underground to experience the rabbits’ secret world, and will be the largest investment in the family segment since Liseberg built the Rabbit Land in 2013.


In total, SEK 200 million will be invested in the children’s area in 2020 and the largest part, SEK 150 million, will be spent on this new Dark Ride. The Dark Ride will be located where the Children’s Theatre previously was located, and will take visitors through a number of fantastical environments.


“Since the Rabbit Land was built in 2013, our guests have got to know the characters above ground. What the rabbits have done underground have been a secret – until now”, says David Schofield, Creative Director at Liseberg.


Underland will be the 14th attraction in the children’s area and first Dark Ride that Liseberg has built in more than 40 years.


“With the introduction of Valkyria in 2018, we had to remove an old children’s Dark Ride, Sagoslottet (the Fairy tale castle). We promised our guests that we would replace this with something bigger and better. That's what we are doing now. With the new Dark Ride Underland we will set new standards for this type of experience in Sweden, ”says Andreas Andersen, CEO & President at Liseberg.


The first rides on Underland will take place in connection with Liseberg's spring premiere in 2020.


About the attraction Underland

Type of attraction: Dark Ride

Budget: 150 million

Concept: Liseberg and Quarry Fold Studio (England)

Ride system: Gosetto SRL (Italy)

Theming: P&P Projects (The Netherlands)

Animatronics: Lifeformations


Technical Specifications

Length & vehicle: 190 meters, 18 Vehicles

Travel time: 3 min, 20 s

Manufacturer: Gosetto SRL

Year of manufacture: 2020

Number of occupants: 4 passengers / vehicle

Speed: 4km / h

Capacity: 850 pers / hour



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Liseberg has announced that the classic Schwartzkopf coaster Lisebergbanan has undergone a major refurbishment in the offseason and the ride will now feature new trains and a redesigned station with a new facade!



The classic roller coaster “Lisebergbanan” gets a makeover this summer with brand new trains and new station area as well as new façade.


Lisebergbanan opened at Liseberg in 1987 and was specially created for the Liseberg hill by roller coaster legend Anton Schwartzkopf.


It is an all-time favourite for the whole family at Liseberg and for many guests a visit to Liseberg is not complete without it. The roller coaster is widely acclaimed as one of the best family rides in the world – and one of the best rides created by the Schwartzkopf factory.


After more than 30 seasons, the Lisebergbanan has undergone a major renovation, including brand new trains, a matching station area and new themed façade..


"Lisebergbanan is one of our most loved rides and it deserved some extra attention. The new trains and new surroundings will complete the feeling of a traditional, and exciting, train ride", says Andreas Andersen, CEO & President at Liseberg.

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I wonder if they called up Gerstlauer to do the new trains. Whatever keeps these fantastic old Schwarzkopfs running well, I suppose!

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I wonder if they called up Gerstlauer to do the new trains. Whatever keeps these fantastic old Schwarzkopfs running well, I suppose!

Gerstlauer were my first thought too. Changes to classic rides always make me a bit apprehensive, but it looks like they've done a great job here and I'm really happy to see they're investing in the coaster.

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After spending my workweek in Oradea, Romania, I passed by Liseberg when doing my weekly shopping run.

Here are the photos:



The building for the new kanin attraction is taking shape



The station of the Lisebergbanan geting a facelift



All buildings are demolished..





/// Marcus

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If you read the Lisepedia page for Lisebergbanan, it says that the manufacturer is Zierer Karussell und Fahrzeugfabrik.

It also state Anton Schwarzkopf as designer and that Werner Stengel made the calculations.

http://www.lisepedia.se/Lisebergbanan - only in Swedish


And now on to the photos:



The new building is almost complete


Sunny but cold



/// Marcus

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Completely missed the news about Lisebergbanan's renovation. Anything that keeps that masterclass of a coaster going for another billion years is all good in my book.


Hope this means they're repainting the track too since it's pretty faded and dirty.

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I made a visit to Liseberg yesterday and got some new photos of the preparation before the summer opening:



The boat in the harbor is getting refurbish


Polketten is getting a sound system upgrade




And a control room


The entrance to Balder got a upgrade





New trains


The station of Lisebergbanan is getting a big upgrade







The walkway from the main entrance is getting a "upgrade" due to the tunnel they are building in the city



The new rabbit theater




Hamnkrogen is also getting a remodeling



The construction of the new parking space continues



/// Marcus

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