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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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That's a fair assumption. I recall that when Gerstlauer did the refurbishment on Sooperdooperlooper at Hersheypark (which also included new trains), they added a string of magnetic brakes at the end.

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The new trains is built from the specifications of the original blueprints.

The old break system is still there, because there is no space to mount magnetic breaks on the train and Stengel designed the ride experience like this I forgot to ask if they have upgraded the control system on Lisebergbanan.


/// Marcus

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Today I hade a early errand in Göteborg and with the sunny Easter weather I took this photo from my usual spot.



High resolution photo


Liseberg also announced a competition that you can sign up for...


The competition: Four teams will compete under 120 minutes to ride the 4 big rollercoasters (Lisebergbanan, Balder, Helix & Valkyria) in the park (a SuperFour). Every time your team completes a SuperFour, the team gets one point. The team with the highest score after 120 minutes wins.


https://www.liseberg.se/superfyra-tavling/ <--- in Swedish


/// Marcus

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Today it was the premiere opening of the summer season.

After a period of sunny and warm weather, the weather gods decided that rain was needed....

Four teams competed for the glory to open the season. It was team Valkyria that was victorious and got to do the honors. And then the rain started (I wonder, if team Blader won, would it have been sunny?).




Go team Valkyria


The staff of Liseberg was greeting us







New decoration inside the station of Lisebergbanan


The new facade looks really good



Lots of mist today




Liseberg has upgraded the entrance to Balder


During an archaeological excavation, a sacred ritual site was found under the red cottage...


The interior of the station of Balder has been rethemed




The old Polketen and the new Lilla scenen


New for this year, you can drink alcoholic beverages inside Hamnkvarteret


The facade of the attraction for next year looks good.



The moved Kaninteatern


Lucky shoot of today. I was thinking of doing a photoshop, but I didn't need to...



They will continue to dig behind the fence.


/// Marcus

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Sad to see the red cottage gone. But other than that, everything is looking great!

Thanks for sharing your visit there, Marcus.


Reminder of what the Red Cottage looked like. Complete w/front yard, flag pole, & white picket fence!

TPR 2014 Scandia Tour.

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They was only running one train on Lisebergbanan, so the queue was very long. So I can't give you my opinion, but from a good source, the new trains is a improvement.


/// Marcus

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They was only running one train on Lisebergbanan, so the queue was very long. So I can't give you my opinion, but from a good source, the new trains is a improvement.


/// Marcus

Guess I'll have to keep that in mind for tomorrow. I looked at the app and Lisebergbanan was 30-40 minutes when even Valkyria was posting 0-10 minute waits.

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^ Congratulations to Andreas. I had (another) great time at Liseberg, during the 2014 TPR Scandi Tour. So I know he was definitely part of that great visit. Continued success for him.....and Tivoli too, now that they're getting him, LOL!


Mmmmmm Liseberg. TPR 2014 Scandi Tour.

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Hi, I'm new here but have been followning the forum for a while! I found a really interesting video talking about the Liseberg's next 5 years. So I wondered what your guesses/thoughts are for future attractions at Liseberg and also, when do you think the next roller coaster is coming and if so, what type?


Link to the video if you want to check it out:

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Factoid: Lisebergbanan was Anton Schwarzkopf's favorite coaster he worked on. I hope the new trains still have the classic smooth and flat-ish seat pads and not buckets. The side-to-side/lateral sliding action on a Schwarzkopf coaster is a fun feature. Liseberg is my #1 must-get-to park.


edit - oh well, the new trains do have bucket-y seats as Gerstlauer does these days. There are probably only 6 people in the world who notice these geeky details anyhow.

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The new trains are exactly like the old ones, including seats and the ratchet lap bar mechanism. The new trains are manufactured by Zierer, the same as the old ones.


Source: I went to Liseberg a few weeks ago.

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^For some reason I thought Lisebergbanan had these same seats, perhaps I was incorrect:



Which were on many Schwarzkopf and Schwarzkopf related rides over the years. These are the relatively "flat" seats I was referring to, which give great opportunity for lateral movement (hello Mind Bender!) This photo is from Lobster at Six Flags Great America; Fiddler's Fling at the same park has the same seats.


Either way, those new trains looks fantastic! Kudos to Liseberg for maintaining their classic coaster.

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Due to other stuff I haven't been so active on reporting things about Liseberg


Liseberg has released some teaser videos when they chase the trains of Valkyria and Helix with drones




And today they released the full length chase of Valkyria:



Next Friday my 3 weeks of vacation starts and I will have some time to do a major update and I finally get time to ride Lisebergbanan with the new trains


/// Marcus

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The time goes to fast and I'm already back at work but I managed to vist Liseberg one time on my vacation and here aer the photos:




Two out of four



Zoooom zoooom



Hamnkvarteret looks really good


One new load of riders


And I finally got to ride the new trains on Lisebergbanan and there is some minute differens, but nothing that changes the joy of riding Lisebergbanan.


/// Marcus

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