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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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Liseberg is suing design consultant Cowi for a total amount of 68 million SEK (7.85 million dollars) for poor design and calculations of Valkyrias tunnel, causing the delayed opening.


Lawyers from both Liseberg and Cowi have been involved since 2018, but since the two parties still can't come to an agreement Liseberg is now taking their claim to court.


Article in Swedish: https://www.expressen.se/gt/liseberg-gar-till-domstol-kraver-68-miljoner-kronor/

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I don't live in Sweden anymore but this was once my hometown park so I definitely have a soft spot for Liseberg. Does anyone know what the status is on the rumoured Flume Ride refurb?

I am interested too.

But was it only about a refurb or a full replacement?

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Liseberg just released more info including pictures, on their new waterpark.

Let me introduce you to OCEANA





And finally, here's an overview of the whole new "Jubileum area" when finished.



After years of planning, the construction can now start on Liseberg’s year-round, indoor water park. The water park – that will be named Oceana – is the second part of Liseberg’s expansion project, marking the parks centennial in 2023. With unique themes and 14 water attractions, the experience will be unlike anything else on the north European market.

Last year construction started on the first part of Liseberg’s expansion project, the park-integrated Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel. Now construction of the second part will begin – the indoor water park Oceana. The building of the hotel and water park is an important step on Liseberg’s journey towards becoming a year-round destination.

The water park will, like the hotel, have a unique theme, inspired by Gothenburg's history and the Swedish East India Company, combined with Liseberg's own unique DNA. With a gross area of 13 600 m² indoors, and 4 000 m² outdoors, guests will be able to enjoy everything from toddler pools to thrilling water rides. The park has been designed by one of Sweden’s leading architects, Wingårdhs, and the water attractions will be designed and manufactured by WhiteWater.

"In addition to a highly themed environment, the park offers a lot of new features – and not just for the Swedish market. These includes the first six-person raft rides in Europe, and the highest mega-drop Master Blaster in the World." – says Thomas Sjöstrand, CPO of Liseberg's Expansion Project.

The construction of Oceana will take approximately three years and represents an investment of 110 million Euros. With a capacity up to 1750 guests simultaneously, Oceana will be one of the largest water parks in northern Europe.

Edited by A.J.
Added official press release info and link. -- A.J.
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As an entitled enthusiast this seems like quite the downgrade from the previous concept art. But still seems like a good project, hopefully they expand even more as per their future plans south of Balder. 

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Passed by Liseberg today an took some photos:


One wing of the hotel is rising fast...


The entrance looks like normal, but is lacking visitors :(


The staf @ Liseberg will have to wait until summer to greet visitor welcome. I hope that they haven't melted until then....

/// Marcus

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Due to life and other stuff I haven't got time to do a photo update until now...

First som photos from 20210103:





And now to the photos from today:



They have started with the roof construction and also with the entrance


Liseberg has also started the construction of the waterland beside the hotel.


The old SAAB transmission factory is now gone and the construction of the new parking garage and Volvo museum can begin..





View from the south end of the old parking lot.

And I did som experimenting....


/// Marcus

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Due to good weather and nothing else to do today, here is a update....


The preparation for the waterland continues:


The cleanup is on the way:


View of the park:


The view of the hotel at ground level:


A full tiny planet shoot (you can almost see me :) ):


And a classic view of Liseberg:


/// Marcus

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Updated laws effective from April 11th move the Swedish parks from public gatherings to their own category, this means that the parks will open! Liseberg is aiming to be ready for opening on May 1st.

To get in the right mood IMAscore and Liseberg have released the score for the "Myter & Legender"-area of the park on several services, such as Spotify, Tidal, iTunes and Apple Music. Link to where you can find the score

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Today it was a sunny, but cold and windy Easter Monday and I hade time to pas by Liseberg for some updates.

Not a full "little planet"-montage due to high winds..

The hotel construction is full steam ahead and the prepwork for water land och parking garage is going fine.

/// Marcus
















And now something really exiting, Liseberg had Helix and Valkyria out for preseason warm up :D :D :D :D :D💓💓💓💓💓💓💓


Going down.....


Loop de loop








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Liseberg announced today that they will open the park for "walking" visitors and let them experience the spring in the park.

No attractions will be operating.

In the past Liseberg was open for the GP a couple of hours before the rides started to operate.

/// Marcus

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^ Instead of the park being open, for "running visitors" LOLOL. 😉

I am just kid-ding! It's nice that they're going to open it like a "city park," and with the shops and eating places open, yes?

Actually, it will probably be quite the experience for those who go, and don't also experience,

the usual parade of other people running by them for coasters and thrill rides, lol!

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Some more good news: the 3:de of June Liseberg will open :D :D but with some restrictions. Only ~5000 guest per day are allowed in to the park and you have to prebook your visit. Today @ 1000 the prebooking for all spots for the summer season will open!!

/// Marcus

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