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Annoying stuff that happens in theme parks- The List

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I hate when parks don't post ride's scheduled downtime. I get why there may not an incentive to b/c it may deter visitors but conversely it is a real bummer when you get to a park and a ride is down b/c they planned for it to be down. Moreover some actually be worse in the long run b/c that same guest may have come at a later time when ride was operating and had a better experience.


It also kinda annoys me when ride ops hold up the trains until they get the response they want to question like "are you ready to ride?" If I don't want to cheer or yell does that mean you are going to hold up the ride? lol


Finally I dislike the wet water park folks that get on coaters to dry off and leave the set wet. lol

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Maybe this is just a few Asian parks thing (never saw it on my Japan trips) but either really late opening or split shifting the rides. So on quiet weekdays 3-4 rides won't open until around 1pm and a lot of rides that share an area will have one open in the morning and the other closed and then switch in the afternoon so you end up lapping the park 2-3 times. Plus it's really annoying being in a long line when you're surrounded by closed rides. I've actually found for almost 2 years now that the lines are 2-3x shorter on the Sunday than the weekdays just due to the park as a whole running at a much higher capacity.


Granted this is very specific to my local park but here goes:


Not allowing single-riders to line up for the roller-coaster without a reservation ticket during peak season when they run the ride without a standby line until mid-afternoon. I get that they are worried people who couldn't get tickets before they sold out might flood up the shared fast-pass (as in 0 wait as opposed to the reservation ticket)/single rider line and block the people with fast passes but it's easily wide enough to split in two and the cars are going around half empty due to reservation only. People barely use the single rider line even when the reservation is finished, I've never had more than 5 people in front of me on a weekend. And considering they make people line up outside the main entrance anyway, they could control how many people go into the single rider area.


Also it means you are taking up valuable reservation tickets that groups could use when those seats would have gone empty anyway.

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When in line for a coaster and two single riders are ahead of you and don't ride together so you have to wait an extra turn (This happened to me on a coaster that has 4 across and they didn't even have to sit next to each other)

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^ Or someone that you're in line next to telling their friend(s) how much better another park is that they have visited (but the friends haven't). And the park is really not that much better.


I have actually heard this type of conversation while waiting in a line at Cedar Point...


"Dude, have you ever been to Kings Island?"


"No, I haven't"


"Awww, dude...you HAVE to go someday! It is like, so much better than Cedar Point. Way bigger, way better roller coasters....just like, so better in every way!"

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When enthusiasts feel like they are entitled to do whatever they want.


My group of three waited half an hour extra for the front row of TTD. When I was sitting alone in the front row, an ACEr standing in the line for row 5 or 6 pushed 5 people in front of her and sat down next to me, without any permission from the ride operator. She acted like she won a trophy or something and kept talking about how much Mean Streak sucks during pretty much the whole ride. Honestly no GP, Taylor Swift songs, basketball, unhealthy food or Heads Up players has ever annoyed me so much.

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It's fun as a ride op to say "Please hold on to your balls in the station." or "Please don't play with your balls in the station" over the mic though

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Speaking of bad habits... Reading this thread, there is something I've read, that to be honest with you all, I have done without thinking, but now, will make an effort to never do it again - stepping on a seat when getting in or out of a car. I feel like a jerk having thoughtlessly done so, but now that it's brought to my attention, I will no more. Sorry

Oh no! I am guilty of this a swell, never realized what bad etiquette it is. I do it all the time, mow that I think about it, on woodies exclusively because of the low boarding/deboarding. It's just so much easier to get to the far seat or climb out. I will pay more attention!


eh, I did this on SF:DK's "The Joker" past friday when I got unlucky enough to be in line for a out of order row. Though to be fair the lap bar's were fully down and belts buckled. I did take a open seat on the same train so it's not like it wasn't for a valid reason. Also got in and buckled before the lapbar checker/ripe op got to the row I was in.


Here's a new one I believe but I hate it when someone flips off or flashes the camera on a coaster. All it does is ruin the photo for everyone else in that row.



This has to be horrible for the B&M Dive coasters the photos from them show the whole row don't they and that's normal like what 8-12?

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Okay, here's my list of annoying stuff that happens in theme parks -


1 - People that treats the queue lines as playground equipment. It always bugs me whenever I see some dumb kid walking on the rails instead of being on the ground. Those lines are there to keep the riders in a neat and order manner.


2 - People butting in front of other people while waiting in line. Who do you think you are when you do that, someone special?


3 - People who don't move up when the line is moving. Would you believe on a ride years ago there was someone who wasn't paying any attention and the line was moving. When I finally said something to him about it, he BAD MOUTHS ME! Well excuse me, I didn't know you was a hole!


4 - People who uses profanity when riding. Hey, why don't you scream like the rest of us and keep those dirty words to yourself?


5 - Rides that break down while you're waiting in line. Nothing you can do about that.


6 - No arcade nor pinball games in the arcade anymore. They're all redemption games. Do I look like I want to win a fluffy bunny rabbit?


7 - People who feel they need to carry bags of stuff around in the park because they don't want to rent out a Lock-Her. Folks, all I carry with me is a zipper coin purse that fits into my Velcro-strapped pockets and that's all I need to carry. Plus, I never have problems entering the lines.


8 - I don't have item #8, so move along!


9 - Having some parks that has some rides that prohibits single riders. I consider this a prejudice act against single riders.


10 - Having some rides at some parks that requires an adult needing a child to ride with. I can understand the vice-versa on some rides, but why do I need a child to ride that ride. Are you afraid I'm going to fall out? I consider this another prejudice act against single riders who don't have any kids with them.


Well, that's all I care to list and I think I feel better now airing out this laundry. This entire list was my opinion and anything that you feel that's offensive or out of line was not intentional. Now I shall end this with my pillow who will say . . .


"Good night and sleep tight. We miss you when you're not sleeping!"

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People at cashiers in gift shops, who for some reason, can't get it together,

to figure out the $ total, that they need to give the clerk. Or suddenly,

they decide to switch to "one of their many" credit cards. Or there's

discussion from the minions around them.


They picked out what they wanted to buy, and surely they must have

figured out what they might be charged, considering the price tag tells them so?




Whatever. Plan your payment people, and make it faster and easier for the rest of us!

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When some rides have completely silent guests that don't even let out a "woo" or a scream, not even a nothing.


I'm sorry if you ever sit next to me. Normally iIkeep quiet because if I don't I pay for it later in the day or next day. So i'll "woo" rarely and normally on first drops, big drops and crazy elements like RMC stalls.



Once I rode roar at SF:DK by myself. Never made a sound.

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Also, people who whine about a ride being down for 10 minutes. It's actually really cool to watch a piece of track, with a train on it, catwalks and all, move over so they can put a train out of use for a day.

I had to explain how that works to a group of people while waiting for a night ride on Bizarro at SFGA, which made me happy!

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1. Line Jumpers - I'm talking about those larger groups who get together like once a year and as a result think they are entitled to do whatever the flying f_ck they want because... well... it's them of course!! They are the only people in the damn park, right??

2. Bouncing basketballs. I think that parks ought to switch to soccer balls instead. That way when some punk teenager kicks it around and hits you, you can grab it and then punt it a hard as you can. At least then you could say you were just trying to kick it to his midfielders.

3. People running. Like, right towards me because they HAVE to get onto a ride three or four people faster. I recommend bracing for impact. That slows them down pretty quickly.

4. Any time you hear this painfully rehearsed announcement: "Attention to those waiting in line... we are CURRently experiencing a deLAAY (insert scripted words here) we do not know HOW long the delay will be (insert more scripted words here). I would love to hear this for a change: "Attention to those waiting in line: some inconsiderate a__hole was holding his $700 phone in his hand on a roller coaster and somehow dropped it. He then then decided to go jump the fence that stated "NO ENTRY" to retrieve it, until he got decapitated by the train. This was clearly the train's fault, so we will be running tests over the next 10-14 days to ensure that the ride is safe again. We thank you for your patience".

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