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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 278: Mardi Gras Festival 2021 details announced!

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Now, Bill. . you have to search for the clinical term:  "Blueprints shaped like penis"

I'm in line for Dare Devil Dive in technical rehearsal. This is not a drill. I repeat: this is not a drill!

Here are some pics of the Texas Thrillseekers Behind The Scenes tour of Poltergeist!

Posted Images

OK TPR, I got the go-ahead from my boss to post these pics, hope you enjoy them........also, as much as I hate to say it, I havent seen any pictures that do this ride justice. You cant capture the pure massiveness of this coaster, unless you're standing right next to it. It's truly amazing!!! Even the guys on the crew comment almost daily about how awesome this thing is gonna be. Coming from people that actually build these rides, as a career, that HAS to tell you something.


from top of the cliff, under the final drop into tunnel


dont need to tell you this location...haha


...from barrel roll at left, this is what replaces the helix


...and so on...


...and so on...


...and so on...


even though this pic doesnt how much detail, its one of my faves

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Man this picture of the drop has such a nice flow to it. Thumbs up to RMC for the great progress. Can't wait to see some more work on this thing. It's going up a lot faster than I expected.

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^Yeah I can't wait to ride it this summer. I'm wondering how this bank right here will feel since it is facing out but turning in rather than other traditional turns. I've never been on a ride that has done something like that. The only thing similar I can think of is the odd outward turn on Steel Hawg.

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Wow, unbelievable. I always loved the look of the original drop on the Rattler when it opened with that nasty subtle banking at the bottom. I'm glad they're giving this thing a similar profile.

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I've got about five spots left on the Texas Midwest Tour this summer!!! SIGN UP NOW TO RIDE THIS OVER AND OVER WITH US!!!!

I wish I could, I really do but can't. This ride looks so damn good I wish I could go this year.

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Great photos. I love the way the drop has like a curve or slight jolt to the left in it so its not just a straight drop. I cant wait to ride it.

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