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  1. That's no fun. The reason I go to the different parks discussion threads is to gather information. I'm not gonna search through a different discussion thread to try to find something I'm looking for about a specific park when I can just go their main discussion thread and ask questions/report future rumored attractions. Why cant we discus the future here?
  2. Wow, sucks that this ride may be opening in July. I mean damn, Iron Rattler at Fiesta Texas has already opened and its bigger then Full Throttle. Wonder why they are behind?
  3. What do you guys think SFStL is getting in 2014? I'm just gonna guess and say a coaster is not coming due to the addition of Boomerang this year, But I could be wrong. Thoughts????
  4. There are rumors stating Great Adventure to receive the worlds tallest drop tower to be placed on the back end of Kingda Ka in 2014.
  5. I don't go to Sea World for their rides. It's not a thrill park, and never will be. Yes they do have 2 nice trill coasters, but that is it. I go for all the amazing shows and exhibits. Honestly I would plan to spend a full day in order to experience the park fully. I mean there are lots of shows and tons of exhibits.
  6. I can understand that not everyone will enjoy the ride, But "family" thrill ride? In my opinion I wouldn't consider a 400 foot tall ride to be a family thrill ride. Yes, some family's will ride it, but when I went on gold pass day there were a lot of older folks who look terrified of the ride. I mean its the tallest ride in park history, towering over everything.
  7. Wow, I can NOT believe you didn't like Texas Skyscreamer. I guess everyone has their own opinion. I on the other hand loved it.
  8. Yeah Over Texas does a great job on maintaining their attractions. 10 times better then Magic Mountain.
  9. Rode this ride today and it was so freaking awesome! Great addition to the park. The scariest part was the wind pushing us around nearly 400 feet above the park!
  10. The queue house is coming along! See more pics here www.facebook.com/sfotfans
  11. TSS is getting ready to open this weekend! Click to see more pics http://www.facebook.com/sfotfans
  12. Ok, IRAT is better then NTAG, just made up my mind. That's hard for me to say cause I love SFOT and NTAG. But IRAT is just simply better! So glad Fiesta Texas has a new signature coaster!
  13. Went out to the park today and rode IRAT 5 times! It was truely an amazing coaster. So let's compare IRAT and NTAG. Fact: IRAT is taller, faster, and steeper. My favorite parts of the coaster were the first drop, barrel roll, and the tunnel towards the end of the ride. The first drop was crazy! It literally twist all the way down, and you can feel it. After the first drop you get some amazing airtime climbing the wall. Then the turn around drop down the wall was great followed by the awesome barrel roll! Freaking loved that barrel roll. After that there are various airtime moments on the top of the wall, followed by the amazing drop off the wall into the LED tunnel (my favorite part.) them some awesome airtime before hitting the brakes. Listen the ride was amazing, 100 million times better the the old Rattler. This is a must ride! Now as for NTAG, I don't even have to describe that ride cause it's also amazing. The advantage Giant has is that it's much longer then IRAT. I do wish IRAT could have been just a tad bit longer, but oh well, still amazing! I honestly don't know if IRAT is better then NTAG or not. I will say it's very close, and it's stressing me out that I can't decide! Lol if I can't make up my mind then they will probably just both be my #1, is that possible? Lol anyways IRAT is amazing guys. Make sure to check it out this summer!
  14. Actualy, you can now ride NTAG more then once with a platinum flash pass. However, once you have rode you must take the flash pass device back to the reservation center so they can re-set the device so you can ride NTAG again. You must do that process every time if you choose to ride it more then once in a day.
  15. To me it looks like a coaster the size of Batman, maybe larger could fit in that area.
  16. Yeah, I couldn't see a wing rider going to St. Louis at all. I could however see the RMC treatment on Boss within the next few years, maybe sooner.
  17. Texas Skyscreamer in test mode from earlier today. to see more click here http://www.facebook.com/sfotfans
  18. I have already done some comparisons on Google earth. Believe it or not, a pretty decent sized coaster could fit in the Flashback, bumper car building, and the strip mall area.
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