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  1. Wow, very neat. That looks like a rendering of the rumored Gionavola hyper coaster that ended up going to SFFT instead. For some reason it was scrapped (Steel Eel?)
  2. Well its obituary has finally been posted on the San Antonio Express News website, they list it as deceased since 2011: http://www.mysanantonio.com/150years/article/The-long-lost-amusement-parks-of-Texas-6321952.php#photo-5977537 The whole show starts at: http://www.mysanantonio.com/150years/article/The-long-lost-amusement-parks-of-Texas-6321952.php It's a great slideshow, some places I never even knew existed.
  3. Is it just me or does the rear far side pair of seats seem to be swinging less extremely than the other seats?
  4. I rode it at Astroworld, it was one of those rides you endured more than enjoyed. The Viper right next to it was definitely funner.
  5. Exactly! I wish the park were getting a kick-ass RMC instead with something like a crazy giant steep drop, airtime, and some insane large inversion, maybe even a tunnel or other unique elements. Oh, wait a minute.
  6. That is most definitely not an HDR photo, if it were you'd see one or more ghost images of the train.
  7. Well first off I have to say I was devastated when I found out they're not going to tear down Superman to build Togo's Beehive, but I've gone through all the stages of grief and am at the acceptance phase now. As for the ride itself, I'm on the fence. If, as it looks like from the animation, they have at least one row that is a "non-puking" seat that doesn't spin like a washing machine rinse cycle then I think it'll be pretty fun. But if you get a "surprise" every time you ride and the operator decides to randomly crank it up to vomitron level because, well, you just look like you deserve it then I ain't goin' near it. Speaking of that does anyone have better pics of the displays from tonight's preview? Hopefully they'll have enough sense not to advertise the queue area as "The house Bruce Wayne's parents were knocked off in". Then again if it's air conditioned I don't think the public will mind stepping over a corpse or two
  8. Man, "Permanezcan al pendiente" is really tricky to translate, I had to ask someone and they said it's closest to "Keep waiting for" or "Keep expecting" but that's doesn't really capture the essence of it well. It's an expression used when someone is really waiting in anticipation for something. The last sentence translates better to: "We'll leave you with a clue here" but that's reasonably apparent like the rest of the text (though I had to look pista up since I thought it meant something like a floor, runway or (sports) court - it does, but apparently it can also mean a clue, as in a trail)
  9. Surprised no one has mentioned the RMC conversions (probably because of all the bolts they hit).
  10. Hmm, their latest post: What in the world would need so much power? And so many of these twitter posts seem to be coming from Schertz! Who on earth lives in Schertz????
  11. LOL, reminds me of this: This sure is a lot of trouble to go to just for the old Time Machine.
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