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  1. They are a Hospitality company. Hospitality companies have been doing this for years. I'm surprised the all year round parks have not done this before. What better way to move demand from one part of the week to another. From one part of the year to another. This is why I fly mid week and go on vacation when kids are in school. It is cheeper and less crowded. All parks should do this.
  2. I am just saying it. The elephant apples have dicks for noses. Hilarious!
  3. So true. I feel when I ride The Voyage, I pray it to end the last 1/3 of the ride.
  4. Nice photos of the whales leaping out of the water! Kinda looks like they put the All-Star whale team at San Diego. I remember Ohio Seaworld, but never saw the whales jump that high.
  5. Has anyone thought about this, or is it just me. Do the human girls of Frozen kinda make you think about the Ginger vs Maryann paradox? Who would you like to bang? Elsa or Anna? I'm an Elsa man.
  6. Disney. Hands down, no competition. I kinda wonder where people would want to get married? Disney or Cedar Point?
  7. The funny thing is that i have only been to 3 sf parks, 2 of them are no longer (SFWoA and Astroworld). I have been to both companies flagship parks. And one park that was controlled by both companies (Geauga Lake). It is hard to judge a company from their past experiences. Plus I am tainted being from Cleveland, OH. When you have Cedar Point in your backyard, kinda tough not being biased. I see good stuff happening by both companies. I hope SF operations have gotten better since my last visit to SFMM 6 years ago. Truthfully, I need to do a coaster trip next year to give my opinion. But right now, I lean Cedar Fair.
  8. right now i am calculating the milage from my house to outlaw run. it will take 12 hours and 30 minutes by car. are there anymore spots left on the texas/midwest trip?
  9. This coaster looks amazing. makes me want to do a europe coaster trip. too cool.
  10. I love robb's quote at the end of the video ... "And there it goes." Very nonchalant, very cool.
  11. Just decided to join Coasting for Kids at Cedar Point. I want to put that cool link on the signature line of all my posts. How do I do that?
  12. I have a question: Does the re-tracking from wood to steel (and the creation of the barrel rolls) constitute this ride as a "new ride" and possibly win the 2013 Golden Ticket for Best New Ride?
  13. Best picture is Robb drinking on Aerosmith. I'm surprised how that picture did not get censored. And someone please answer the question about the number at Test Track.
  14. Then I would be fine with Apollo buying it. They are just interested in making money. When they bought Harrah's (which became Caesars) they didn't change anything. I can see SF changing things and F-ing everything up. But it would be cool for SF to acquire more parks. Makes it more economical for us Theme Park junkies.
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