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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 288: New B&M Dive Machine Announced!

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Have I already used the words "stunning," "speechless," and "breathtaking" to describe my feelings on this coaster? Because those are the words I keep coming back to every time a new set of quality pics shows up.


Anyone remember when Intamin first generation free falls were being counted as coaster credits?

Yes! I really don't get why that started or stopped, or why you never hear about it nowadays. I also don't really care.

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It looks like the train will go right into the brakes after the tunnel. Kind of disapointing, but expected...


Considering the rest of that coaster will likely be better than most other coasters out there, I think a brake run immediately after the tunnel is a small price to pay...


I'd rather have an amazing 45 second roller coaster than a cruddy 1.5 minute one.

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Damn that first drop is just freakin amazing. Today I got an update email from Six Flags.........


Update: Iron Rattler

Production news about our all-new attraction

Connect With Us


The process has begun for constructing the all-new Iron Rattler. In fact, you may be able to see new pieces of track sticking out above the quarry walls. We’ve started working on key elements that are vital to the construction of this massive 18-story coaster. Here are some highlights from the construction of the new ride.


We first selected the contractor who will build the state-of-the-art steel Iron Horse Track. Rocky Mountain Construction Group will establish the foundation and support of the ride. This group also helped design the legendary and award-winning New Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas.


Construction crews had to disassemble the classic wooden Rattler and remove portions of the original track. Then, using the same wooden substructure, contractors began assembling the new steel track on top of the wooden supports. Builders had to evaluate the old frame structure to determine where to precisely place the new pieces of track so the ride will maintain stability and fly smoothly.


Currently, the track is about 35 percent complete. The first visual feature you may notice is the 81-degree, 171-foot-tall lift hill. As the coaster begins to take form, the next element workers will build will be the Zero-G Barrel Roll that flips riders completely upside—the first of any hybrid coaster—and two of the four extreme over-banked turns—the most of any roller coaster in the world—that will extend past the quarry wall.


A lot of hard work goes into making the Iron Rattler an intense and extreme experience. As the newest staple of the Six Flags Fiesta Texas skyline, riders will fly through four over-banked turns, a camelback airtime hill, an 81-degree 171-foot near-vertical drop, and a Zero-G Barrel Roll at 70 miles per hour. The new Iron Rattler will be steeper, taller, faster, and smoother than ever before, and truly a record-breaking experience.


The new Iron Rattler is moving forward and on schedule for completion in late spring. Are you ready to take on this slithering attraction?


I think this publication is a tad bit behind cause it says that iRat is only about 35% complete but it seems to be a lot further along than that. It also says completion will be late Spring. Hmmm....I'd say at the rate they're going maybe an opening in Mid April??? or Anyone think they my hold out to "late Spring" and do Memorial Day weekend???

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Having kept track with intense interest, I remember SFOT advertised NTAG as opening in "late spring," but it really opened in late April. So there is a chance it simply means "not early spring."


Funny how I've been to SFFT, ridden Rattler, and yet still I keep being surprised by just how photogenic this coaster is.

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