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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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Holy crap, that is steep! Can't wait to see more.


And holy airtime

You should see it standing right next to it. Even the crew is going, "Holy *&^$%". My crew was workin in the old helix area, and I got some shots while the crane was puttin them in place......but i gotta clear the shots w/ the boss b4 I can post it....sry. But now u have an idea what 81* looks like.

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To show everyone the area and ride we are discussing, here is a screen grab:



Even without Power Surge, you can see how much room is available still. If Power Surge is taken out, even more massive amounts of space become open.


I've heard Power Surge has been on the chopping block forever, and like others said, has never actually happened. IMO it should be taken out eventually. It NEVER has a line. And I'm pretty sure it only runs 1-2 boats. Like you guys said, it's expensive. They don't need it as a water attraction as they have the log flume (a pretty good one at that) and the rapids ride which is pretty long and decent. And during the super hot summers literally everyone goes to the water park anyways.


Actually, PS usually runs 3 minimum, and 4 quite often during the hotter months, although they're not full loads. I STILL say move Pandemonium to one side at least (its not like its a hard ride to move, and you'll have oodles of space to play with. Why they put that coaster right in the middle, I have no idea. Something tells me it'll be a couple of seasons before SFFT thinks about another major ride though.

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Here is a phone picture from today. First drop looks awesome!


Although it's ending up a shorter coaster, this is gonna be one kick A$$ ride. I can't wait to see more pics of the first drop being finished. Hopefully we will see more later on this week. All I know is that I don't want to be in the back of that train when I first ride. Lol I like the look of iRat and RRE in this picture as well. Probably one of the better angles we've seen of RoadRunner Express as well as iRat. Hopefully we'll see a completed first drop by weeks end.

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