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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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I was at the park on Saturday because I had an interview at the same time as the jobfair. I got to walk all the way up International Street to the Festhaus and even from there Diamondback looks amazing. It looks so huge compared to what the webcam makes it look like. Well I got the job (go admissions because I can't work in rides anymore!)and when I was at the returning employee party, everyone was told that if Diamondback stays on schedule then they would have a ride night on DB before the park opens to the public! I hope they aren't pulling our tails.

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^^ If I were you, I'd keep my mouth shut. They were nice enough to let you have another job, and admitting to alleged safety violations is bad for your employer. These things should remain internal. Just some advice as I see you're pretty young, still. You should be aware of privacy rules which I'm sure you signed off on when you were hired...


-James Dillaman

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^Splashdowns are installed solely for the visual effect. The braking action is merely a "side-effect".


That doesn't mean the "side effect" isn't useful.


Didn't mean to start an argument.


I'm certainly no expert, but I would tend to think that good old regular brakes would be cheaper to buy and maintain than a small artificial lake, if simply slowing the train was the major concern.

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I'll be there for walkback.


I will have to look for you. Looking at a rental car at the moment even though it is only 3 hours away, my car needs work and the ride over would suck. Plus I am trying to score a 2008 Malibu for a rental. Alright, 26 freaking degrees on Saturday!


I was going to say, it'll be easy because I'll have my TPR shirt on....but I will be wearing more than a tshirt, hahaha. Umm...


OH! I'll be wearing my epic Penguins of Madagascar blue and gold hat haha.

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