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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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Also, the yellow supports were supposed to be only for the lift, and everything after was going to be beige. Somewhere along the line they changed it, and the yellow extend to halfway along the second hill. Not sure why they did that, I liked it better with just the yellow for the lift. As it is now, it seems like they yellow changes to beige at a random spot, not a designated point (the end of the lift).

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Sorry for the quality....


Apology NOT accepted! Those pictures (besides the zoomed one) are AMAZING quality for a phone!



Hah well that's the one I was referring to more than anything.. I do think it has a fairly good camera otherwise. The newer LG's have great cameras. Mine is a 2MP LG Voyager... Sorry off topic. Happy you guys enjoyed the pix.

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Looking at the web cam you can see the second drop has been completed.


Also, I was wondering about the drop heights as the official site is kind of confusing me.


I understand the lift hill reaches a height of 230'. Then they say the "length of the first hill" is 222' but "length of first drop" is 215'. What's the difference? But after that I'm guessing the just completed drop is the 193' tall drop, right?


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Kings Island fined for child labor violations


By Mike Boyer



Civil penalties totaling $47,575 were assessed against Coney Island, Kings Island and three Kings Island vendors for violating child labor laws, the U.S. Department of Labor reported last month.


Coney Island was assessed $4,510 for allowing five workers under age 16 to work longer hours than permitted by the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Kings Island was assessed $28,710 for allowing 14 employees under 18 to illegally load and in some cases operate trash compactors. Federal law prohibits those under 18 in nonagricultural jobs to perform hazardous tasks including operating trash compactors.


Kings Island vendor Kaman's Art Shoppes Inc. was assessed $9,900 for allowing nine minors to load trash compactors. Vendor Chick-Fil-A was assessed $3,135 for allowing two minors to load trash compactors and allowing one minor to work past the time allowed by law.


Vendor Midwest Beverage Co. was assessed $1,320 for allowing a minor to load a trash compactor.

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They're probably talking about the cardboard box compactors, i guess. When i was about 17 or so the grocery store I worked at had one of these cardboard compactors that had had a sticker on it that said not to operate if under 18. Of course we all did in order to make more room in the machine to put more boxes. Basically, once the button was pushed a large protective screen came down, then the 'compactor' would come down and crush the boxes into a neat compressed box that would get sent back to corporate for recycling monies. Anyways, I always thought the 'under 18' thing was a complete joke.

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Crap. I knew Coney had a few under-age employees last year, but I didnt know they had extra hours! We were pretty understaffed in the latter half of last summer, but I thought our managers were giving the big shifts to experienced employees, not the new people who were under 16!

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I too work at Kroger. Minors can't work the baler (the cardboard one) or the trash compactor (there is a difference). While it is sort of weird that 17-year-olds can't pull down a screen and push a button, it's much easier for the company to just prohibit it than to allow it until there's an injury involving a minor. Then the shit really hits the fan.


Those laws and rules aren't in place because they don't think minors can do it; they're there to minimize the risk of legal hell if something unfortunately does go wrong.

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