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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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Interesting. I checked out the Clark Reder Engineering website and they don't have any history with RMC or GCI listed. Does this new info tell us anymore about which company is behind this project?

That's probably because neither of those companies have built in Ohio. Instead of being licensed under each state, contract someone who is.

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I went to the park yesterday with my father and we got Fast Lane Plus (for the first time). Considering we rode rides over 30 times, it was certainly worth it, and the park wasn't terribly busy anyway. Diamondback, The Beast and Banshee were as good as always.

I can't wait to see (exactly) what KI has in store for next year. I don't believe anything until it's all officially announced

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Since when did they get security like this at the front gate?


I think the Cedar Fair parks started adding that after Pulse. I'm sure by hiring guys who basically did the same job as the shooter, we'll be a lot safer....

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Since when did they get security like this at the front gate?


Since shooting cw's incident in 2003, I think that cedar fair started adding metal detectors at the front gates.


Well, it was Paramount who added the metal detectors at the front gates. Cedar Fair had actually removed them from a couple of the former Paramount parks and replaced them with metal detector wands that the security guards hold within the past few years. As for the current security set-up at Kings Island, it was like that when I had visited the park for my second time a couple of weeks ago. I found it quite odd, but it's only because the rate of weapons and violence is going up unfortunately. But, at least the parks are keeping us safe while having fun!

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At the start of the season security was random days of the week. Only once or twice a week and the days were determined by corporate. After the shooting in Orlando it became daily. Earlier in the season on days the checks were not occurring the park removed the plastic fence.


So far the longest wait I have had was about 5 minutes. Which compared to the 90 minute wait at Magic Mountain in March is pretty good.

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FYI: The security gates showed up after the Orlando shooting.


A quick construction trip report from today:


Will your little flume ride remain, Charlie? I hope so!


more trees down since last week near the new line for Whitewater Canyon


another look


pink flag


I wonder if these covered queues are going to become vine-covered like the old pathway the park used to have. you can see one of them climbing


on the train, i'm looking backwards and we just passed the bridge


more, again facing backwards


just past the turntable to WWC. Look at this big orange machine!


this has been flattened out






turned around


zoomed in on the area from the Tower




the area cleared back in the spring hasn't changed much


close up of the recently "fallen trees"


a quick recap at the 2 new games near the beast and diamondback's helix


Carousel looks like it got new light bulbs on the building


Monster has green and yellow on the bottoms of the sweeps... just the smaller 6 "spiders"


A final pic to wet your appetites

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Thanks for the old pictures and the pictures of the new ground clearing.


As far as the enhanced security goes, why is there any question as to why this is happening? Get used to it. Everywhere.

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I think it's a very good idea to question why someone is doing something, especially if the only answer is the vague "Security." Question, understand, decide if you agree, and then if you choose to participate, follow the rules. But never should we blindly just get used to it.

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What I meant is that there is no reason to question it, because it's blatantly obvious as to why they are doing it, unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months.


I've been plenty successful on my own without your short lecture about the healthy questioning of reasoning, but thanks for the tip, bub.

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For it being a Sunday, July 4th weekend, and yes the crappy weather, yesterday really was shocking at how dead the park was. Trust me working a ride with no guests riding is just boring.




But I recently I came across a thought. Has Cedar Fair and/or kings island filed for any trademark names? Don't get me wrong but since mantis was originally supposed to be banshee, could we see a Son of beast again? Lmao jk jk but seriously about any trademarked names......

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