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  1. Yep, bless them, they are trying so hard to generate anything at all. Now we're being told internally to plan for August 2021 but at this point who the hell knows. 90% of the staff is gone. It's very sad. Holiday in the Car Park I guess is cool if you have a pass or membership that gets you in for free. And like sitting in their lovely parking lot listening to Christmas music. But it's better than nothing. They should at least give out free Turkey. This is going to be the longest ride anyone of us has ever taken. Hang in there fellas
  2. Unless they somehow win the lawsuit, next MAY is now what's being circulated in the break room so that by then most people will be hopefully vaccinated. Too much liability if some sick person comes in and spreads it however which way.; they'll just have to spend all that money to ramp up and shut down again. There's no ride manual for COVID. They are also going to need a huge amount of security staff and cameras because people tend to let their guards down around their friends i.e. all the young guests and somehow they've gotta keep this under control. You know how respectful people were and appropriate acting before COVID . It's going to be really weird how things work and damn hard to make sure people don't hoard together in queues as it's always been. And the indoor rides are apparently on the back burner when they re-open, which really sucks because everyone loves that air conditioning in the Valencia summer months They don't want a post-holiday spike. Who knows what'll actually happen from D.O.H. It's the definition of insanity for a SFMM-sized park to be closed for 15 months and sit empty. Except for those drunk kids who climbed the SkyTower
  3. Virtually all shifts through 1.5.2021 except essentials have just been removed from the sign up schedule. This is NOT an official announcement by any means and do not cite me. Draw your own conclusions. So... Holiday in the park(ing) lot? Maybe. Sounds awesome. I'd make alternate plans if this was your holiday plan. Sorry
  4. Trust me, it pains me not to be able to say more. Just know something badass is inbound. That's about all I can say. We're working hard on the electric now.
  5. Whoever has the drone will probably get first sight NDA. Construction is going really slow. Neal was always super hands on. Now it's in limbo who the hell's even running the mountain.
  6. November 15th is now the latest sign-up-able ETA per the online internal schedule. Who knows? This is right after the election. They've already cancelled hundreds of shifts, so fasten your seatbelts and safety harnesses. The good news. The park will be so clean your head will spin. Wait until you see the restrooms! Superman will be closed due to the already stanky tunnel. Along with rides with inside queues. (currently under going discussion/re-design). Stand by.
  7. There is nothing new or exciting to report. The Harbor won't see a visitor this year. The rides are all mostly fine. Something new is being built. The fact those kids were able to climb Sky Tower the other day demonstrates the current level of security. There are about 5 understandably sleepy guards in the deserted park. I don't think the Sheriff substation is even staffed presently.
  8. Cal/OSHA has made some changes. However, all the rides are being meticulously maintained. And when we re-open, it's going to be the cleanest and freshest damn Mountain you've ever seen.
  9. Management is contemplating if there's ANY possible way to do even an extremely limited FF experience. But as of now it's off. Like I said, they relayed it internally via deleting all the shifts. Sorry. It will be announced publicly, eventually. On a positive note, Holiday in the Park still shows up on the internal schedule.
  10. Just curious, was that a formal announcement from the park or something you heard through the grapevine? Typically, we ramp up big-time in early October on the electrical side. They just cancelled almost all open shifts. What that means for Frightfest will remain to be seen/announced, but you can use your imagination.
  11. As long as you get to daily test everything, I will feel safer:-) All rides have maintenance schedules that have to be adhered to or the state will revoke their operational certification. They’d be even more screwed catching up on 6+ months of maintenance if they didn’t have people still on site! You are correct, and yes maintenance still TR's everything, as per the checklists. There are some other interesting things being tested during this extended downtime. One is touch-less security. It uses AI to scan your person and bags, so nobody with a little wooden stick has to poke through your bags. In early stages of deployment, but they are definitely testing it out with a few kiosks to see if A) it speeds up entry and B) keeps everyone as equal to or safer than it was previously. They are adding more misters and fans to the queues! Woot. And lastly, as everyone probably has heard, reservation systems via SFMM app are planned to be in effect. There's been some issues with that during testing such as people's cell phone batteries die, then what? Or the particular provider's tower is overloaded/down/has poor service in certain areas of the park. So they are adding cell phone repeaters and boosters in conjunction with the respective big 4 cell companies. There is more cool stuff inbound but I can't talk about it yet. The dept. we feel the worst for is H.R. (besides finance of course ). They are going to have to re-staff almost the entire park from scratch which is unprecedented and consists of several thousand part time employees. They kept the full timers for the most part, maintenance was reduced but not by much, but all the ride ops, food, games, shops, housekeeping, bus drivers, lifeguards, parking lot, etc. even some area managers were all let go. It's going to be a soft-reopening when it happens, that's for damn sure. Lottttss of re-training.
  12. It's definitely a surreal feeling running and maintaining empty coasters just to keep the wheels turning and the rides functional. No light at the end of the tunnel yet. Last date I heard kicked around the ops office was October 4 but... don't quote me. For your safety and the safety of others, please keep your seat belt fastened and your head against the headrest... we will have you moving again as soon as possible
  13. I sure hope not for SFMM. It seems that at least its trending on Yahoo so it will draw some remarks. With min wage in St Louis at $7.85 to bad all 6 entries cant get $300 bucks. Glad they aren't. The "random drawing" if more than one guest makes it, to win a whopping $300 . Can you imagine if you actually did it and then didn't get anything? I think if they added a few zeros to that $300 it could be interesting. I'm down with the X2 marathon challenge though. Most we've ever done X2 was 25 and that was during A/V work. Which unfortunately is still always breaking down.
  14. Is Magic Mountain doing this bizarre promo as well? You go in a coffin for 30 hours...
  15. I used it on Monday. I was very mad when they said they were removing it for gold pass holders and emailed Neil (The Park President) directly. He took time to personally call me and apologize and tell me they will honor it. Awesome. Neil truly cares about the park and guest/employee satisfaction. He's been great since day one! When a complaint is escalated to him, he really seems to go above and beyond. I have no idea how he has the time. Happy Easter weekend everyone!
  16. So True! That's what happened when I was waiting on Revy and seen those 2 idiots. Got them kicked out! It's sad that some people must feel the need to vandalize other property. Thank you for your vigilance and reporting the issue. The substantial amount of new security cameras are NOT monitored live, they are mainly for liability purposes. So if you see something... please still say something. The entire park is in great shape. Security has new training and more authority, there are some cool new games, Ride ops are on par. Due to low guest volume and staffing limitations, your favorite restaurant or kiosk may be closed, but almost all rides are open. As mentioned before, this is a fantastic time to visit the Magical Mountain. Almost zero wait times on all your favorite attractions. The only bad news is that we expected a full parking lot repave and they only did a small portion in the handicap area. So it looks like another year of crumbling parking lot for most guests and staff. There's been an emphasis on getting all the existing special effects working as intended. Don't talk to me about the Lex VR. It's been a nightmare.
  17. Please understand the amount of vandalism we deal with. Been on X2 lately? People will carve into just about any surface from toilet seats to roller coaster restraints. It is very expensive and frustrating. Mirrors aren’t even an option anymore.
  18. i also like superman for what it is, but rarely ever ride it because the line is often too long. anywhere near the entrance of the building is long for me. i need to just ride on a ghost town day. Yeah I agree, that queue is miserable and slow moving since they rarely run both sides..anything other than a few train wait is too much for me. oh, let me also add that, i can wait, but what often makes the wait worse is, if it's a hot summer day and you get stuck near someone, or a whole line of people, with end of the day BO. Yeah thats exactly what I mean when I say that queue is miserable - it's enclosed, there's no ventilation, and the A/C never completely works, so it's always hot humid and smells like bigfoots dick. fixed. actually Superman HVAC is working normally at the present moment. subject to change on 100 degree Valencia days. You must have come last year before compressors were fixed.
  19. FWIW the Lex Luther VR was a surprise for most in the maintenance dept. They kept it under wraps extremely well during development. The attendance has been so low due to the new year round schedule that they are busting out random surprises. Whether it'll work out, we'll see. On an additional positive note, I've noticed they have hired several disabled yet fully capable adults.
  20. As of now, there's nothing planned for next week (subject to change of course...) Enjoy your first visit
  21. Just because I'm curious. . . Do you have actual proof of this, or are you just guessing??? Not trying to be an A$$, just wondering how you came to this conclusion. I only ask, because I think this is the first I've hear of an iBox coaster needing track work...? Sorry for not responding sooner. Twisted's open again as per the other poster. There are a ton of new AXIS surveillance cameras being added to the park in many areas. Look around the station ceilings when you're there. On the same note, the Wifi is being upgraded and expanded woot woot
  22. Nothing is wrong, it's minor track work, but expect some downtime in the next week or so
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