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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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I don't get it. Do people plan vacations around Golden Tickets? I always thought it was lamer than the Academy Awards: you already know who's going to win, and winning doesn't mean a park really is the best of the best.


Plus, like I said in the thread for Canada's Wonderland's Planet Snoopy, it's all about money. It's cheaper to have Snoopy, and it doesn't matter if kids "know" who he is or not, since Snoopy will just become associated with whatever park he's featured in.


There's also the timelessness of Snoopy. Nick is so focused on what's on the cable channel right now... in ten years, it will need a revamp. Snoopy is done, creatively, so it's more stable. It's in Cedar Fair's best interest to keep the Snoopy franchise and dispose of Nick (besides... KI's Nick Central was already starting to show it's age last year).


The only thing that really worries me from this point, is that only Canada's Wonderland announced any actual new family/kiddie rides. Carowind's Intimidator animation left out one or two rides from the current Nick Central (though it could be a limitation on the part of the animator), and with this announcement that Scooby Doo is also leaving, I don't know what's going on quite yet (I don't know if they mean the character appearances/ice show, or the dark ride). So there are still some unanswered questions.

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I also think it's a bad idea that KI is switching to Snoopy. I do like the Peanuts theming (sort of) at places like Cedar Point, but at King's Island it shouldn't be. I've always liked the Nickelodean theming at KI. Kids are more familiar with that than with Snoopy.




I agree with that 100%. They are making a mistake. This obviously shows that Cedar Fair either does absolutely no research on it's young audience, or just doesn't care to pay for the rights for the Nickelodeon franchise. Or both.

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^I'm not trying to defend them or insult you or anything, but Cedar Fair is a billion dollar company in annual revenue (actually its more like 950 million, but whatever) and I beat that they did their fair share of research before pulling the plug on Nick. Perhaps licensing was too much, perhaps kids don't really notice, perhaps there is more potential with Snoopy. Either way, the costs clearly outweighs the benefits of keeping Nick, so they are getting rid of it. It is that simple, and I know for a fact Cedar Fair did their research.

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^But then in that case couldn't you argue that that is going to something unproven on the market? Yes Snoopy may be dated, but it has proven to work successfully ala Cedar Point no? Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny aren't the newest cartoons to hit the tube in awhile either but they're still around. I'm not trying to argue with either of you, I promise, just stating that CF is a big company with a lot of smart people (cue debating) making the choice in the best interest for the company.

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^But then in that case couldn't you argue that that is going to something unproven on the market?


That wasn't really the point. The point was big companies make poor decisions all the time. And, believe me, the New Coke decision was a lot more carefully focus grouped and reviewed than anything CF or just about any theme park company outside Disney will ever do.

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IOA has an entire "island" devoted to such mainstream characters as Flash Gordon, Hagar, Beetle Bailey, Betty Boop, and Marmaduke. Heck even their two great rides there are themed to Dudley Do-Right and Bluto. I'm sure all the kids are gonna be wanting the talking Marmaduke toy this Christmas, right?


By the way, I just checked, and the "island" is still afloat.

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But IOA isn't as dependant on the kids as these Paramount parks are. Heck, they love touting their kid offerings all over the place, especially KI with that golden ticket they win year after year. Time will tell how this will work out but I can forsee Nick coming back to these parks in 3-5 years.

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Coming back from CP today (awesome day by the way) I really came to respect Planet Snoopy. The theming was pretty good, or atleast accurate and consistent throughout the area. As for the rides, if I weren't pre-occupied with marathoning Blue Streak and Chaos, I probabbly would have hit a few of the ones adults could ride...


Anyways, KI is my true home park so I guess I need to voice my opinions on it. Through the kiddy park's hisoty, the one phase I associate with is Nick (universe) Though I grew up with Phantom Theater and Beastie in my first years, Avatar and Scooby soon became my main memories of what used to be Hanna Barbara. It will certainly be interesting to see how they retheme everything to Peanuts, especially Scooby since its a large scale dark ride.

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^I can't remember much from the Smurf's ride. I think I was around 4-5 the last time I rode it. Phantom Theater was a really nice ride I enjoyed in my childhood. IMO, it's a lot better then Scooby doo. The blaster is so annoying after awhile with its high pitches. I never had such a bad headache after riding that with my friends trying to get 1st.


I would like that to comeback if anything.

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I really don't think the theme of the kids area is all that important frankly. Kids and families will still be there and still riding the kiddie rides no matter if spongebob or snoopy are on the sign.


However, couldn't you make a strong case that the parents - the ones paying for the admission and driving hours to go to the park - might see a snoopy themed kids land and want to make the trip more? They can relate to those characters and what they meant to them when they were younger and everything. That seems pretty logical to me.


If there's anything the peanuts characters have its lasting power. Everyone knows who they are and they are timeless, nickelodeon on the other hand is the opposite, they seem to go through some kind of re-branding every few years and have an almost entirely new show lineup every several years. In general I can see how the peanuts brand makes sense for Cedar Fair.

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I like to see it this way...

When CF bought Six Flags WoA, Batman Knight Flight had to be rethemed, burning off the batman logos on the seats (though you could still see them, which was hilarious) and no one liked the coaster any less. Same applies to kiddie lands. Kids like fuzzy, furry things, it doesn't matter who it is that's fuzzy and furry. Kids like Chuck E. Cheese, who isn't on T.V. (save a few commercials) Kids love plush animals. Hell, kids love playing with chemicals under the sink! Moral of the story is, paint it bright colors and throw a walk around character and you could theme it to Mussolini, kids would eat it up.

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When I went to Cedar Point in 2007, there was definitely NO shortage of children playing and riding rides in planet snoopy. As a child, Hanna Barbara land at Carowinds was great, but wasn't really much more than a few signs with the ride slogan and a character portrait.


Peanuts is timeless, and even if kids don't know who they are right away, their parents will tell them all about it. Nickelodeon is a Viacom label as is Paramount Parks, so they never had to purchase the rights to utilize the the Nick characters. But now, when I go to Carowinds, half of the characters they feature don't even have airtime on regular Nickelodeon (maybe Nicktoon Channel).


Truthfully, after Cedar Fair purchased the parks, I could see them ditching the Nick label as a cost cutting measure.

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http://www.wlwt.com/entertainment/21043973/detail.html <--- VIDEO!



Starts Friday, September 25!

Open until 1AM on Fri. & Sat. Nights






There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Screams of pure panic pierce the night. There’s nowhere you're safe in the most immersive horror experience around – Halloween Haunt at Kings Island!


Halloween Haunt 2009 has been expanded to 16 terrifying nights and features more blood, more terror, and more gore than ever before! The bloodcurdling horror and mind-bending terror of Halloween Haunt features more than 500 ghastly creatures emerging from the darkness, 13 highly-intense and bone-chilling haunted attractions and some of the most hair-raising rides on the planet including Diamondback, a 230-foot tall monster that slithers its way around 5,282 feet of track at speeds up to 80 miles per hour!


Halloween Haunt at Kings Island. All You Fear Is Here!


Thursdays from 7:00pm until Midnight

- October 8, 15


Fridays from 7:00pm until 1:00am

- September 25; October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30


Saturdays from 7:00pm until 1:00am

- September 26; October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31


Sundays from 7:00pm until Midnight

- October 11, 18


Of course, in addition to the horrifying Halloween Haunt attractions, some of the most hair-raising rides on the planet – including Diamondback (tallest and fastest roller coaster at Kings Island) and the legendary Beast (longest wooded roller coaster in the world) – will be open for guests to enjoy. The eight-time award-winning Nickelodeon Universe kids’ area will be closed during Halloween Haunt.


Parents, be advised: Halloween Haunt includes graphic scenes, suggestive themes and intense imagery and is intended for mature audiences; not recommended for children. No one and nothing is off limits!





Regular price at the park for this ticket is $34.99 – Save $13 online. Valid on any one of the following Thursday or Friday Nights: September 25, October 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 23, 30


These will be the best dates to visit….there will be fewer bodies in your way!




Regular price at the park for this ticket is $48.99 – Save $21 online. Valid on any one of the following Saturdays or Sundays: October 3, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 31


Includes all day admission to the park and Halloween Haunt at night.




Regular price at the park for this ticket is $34.99 – Save $7 online. Valid on Saturday, September 26 from 7pm until 1am.





NEW FOR 2009! Vampires, blood and rock n’ roll explode onto the stage in this all new seductive after-life revue. This clan is born to be wild and is looking for action. Break on through to the other side and get bitten!

(Recommended for mature audiences)



Thursdays (10/8, 10/15): 8:30PM, 10PM

Fridays: 8PM, 9:30PM, 11PM, 12AM

Saturdays: 8PM, 9:30PM, 11PM, 12AM

Sundays (10/11, 10/18): 8:30PM, 10PM


Ghouls Gone Wild: FESTHAUS


The monsters are having a dinner party … and you’re on the menu! Come join the top ghouls in the business as they inject some fresh blood into classic rock ‘n’ roll monster hits in this spooktacular music revue.



Thursdays (10/8, 10/15): 8PM, 9:30PM

Fridays: 7:30PM, 8:30PM, 10PM, 11:30PM

Saturdays: 3PM, 4PM, 5PM, 7:30PM, 9:30PM

Sundays (10/11, 10/18): 4PM, 5PM, 8PM, 9:30PM



Attractions....these are full fledged mazes/trails...not fear zones!




Massacre Manor (returning) -


The Manor is for sale and the price has just been reduced! Never mind the rumors of murder and torture – it’s priced to sell. Potential buyers descend into a fortress of fear as they make their way down creepy corridors, entering one terrifying room after another. Along the way you will encounter many of the Manor’s inhabitants – most of them long since departed. They will make escaping the wrath that curses the manor a difficult challenge.


CanEVIL (returning) - RIVERTOWN


Join the circus like you wanted to when you were a kid…permanently! Despite the presence of elephants, giraffes and other circus animals, this is not your run-of-the-mill Big Top. Only the most determined will make it out alive.


Death Row (returning) - CONEY MAUL


So, you think the Death penalty is bad? Step inside the sanitarium of slaughter and see what torture is all about! Nothing will scare you the way the inmates in this evil prison will. They can’t wait for you to join them on Death Row!


Club Blood (returning) - ACTION ZONE


This popular night club has never been so bloody good! The club’s exotic dancers are dying to meet you. Come in for a bite. Stay as long as you like. In fact, you can stay forever!


Slaughterhouse (NEW!!!) - ACTION ZONE (Stunt Crew Grill)


NEW FOR 2009! Looking for a good cut of fresh meat? You’ve come to the right place. The butcher shop is open and you never know who or what is on the chopping block. A real meat-lovers delight as the herd is skinned alive, gutted, beheaded and packed before your very eyes!





Cemetery Drive (Returning) - TOWER GARDENS


If you are afraid of things that go bump in the night then you’ll want to think twice before entering Cemetery Drive. Evil spirits abound as you attempt to make your way around oversized tombstones, monuments and crypts.


Trail Of Terror (Aka Psycho Path ...returning) CONEY MAUL


Do you dare challenge what lurks beyond the mist down a darkened path deep into the wicked woods of Kings Island? Hideous creatures in advanced stages of decay are wandering mindlessly along the trail searching for souls. Enter at your own peril!


CornStalkers (Hey Ben!) Returning to...ACTION ZONE


This frightful cornfield will scare the yell out of you! Countless scarecrows rule the overgrown ruins of the formerly vibrant Action Zone. Built by farmhands to ward off any would-be trespassers, these guardians of rubble take their jobs very seriously. Legend has it intruders make these evil scarecrows come to life!


Tombstone TERROR-Tory (returning) RIVERTOWN


Covered bridges and foggy terrain disguise the evil that lurks in every direction as you travel aboard a midnight train. But don’t be alarmed. We guarantee you’ll make it to your final destination! This is encorporates KI's famous train!


Cut Throat Cove (NEW!!!!) Outer Hank's Shrimp Shack, Oktoberfest


Come seeking adventure, and salty old pirates, have you? In this hideaway, thieving pirates and cutthroat buccaneers are ready to challenge even the bravest souls to a duel. Can you get past these swashbucklers and make it out alive? Know this as you try: Dead men tell no tales!



And finally....the one, the only....



URGENT SCARE!!! Returning for 2009!



It’s time for your checkup! A virus has broken out in a small town causing a deadly plague that is spreading with destructive speed and effect. At the local hospital, the virus has begun spreading from patient to patient by direct physical contact or by the means of non sterilized medical equipment. If the virus doesn’t kill you, fear might!

It's an indoor AND outdoor attraction!



--I'll be in Tombstone Terrortory this year. I think Kings Island has one of the best Halloween programs in the nation. The amount of talents that the make up artists have is indescribable! You will hardly see any masks on; it's 80% art and make up from what I've seen. If you've never experienced Haunt, it's a MUST! 13 quality attractions with a MASSIVE undead army this year; it's something you can't miss! Come check it out! All the information posted above can be found in the two links at the top to Haunt's website. The map can be found there, too!


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Some of the deco has gone too far in my opinion.


MASON, Ohio -- Kings Island will employ some unusual tactics to scare park-goers this Halloween -- including the use of live animals and dead celebrities.


The park will feature the traditional butcher shop, complete with various slabs of meat, including humans. But this fall, the park will also feature live animals, something that could prove controversial.


"We want things to be as authentic as possible and incorporate some animals into one of the mazes. I think it's going to provide authenticity that we're looking for," said park spokesperson Don Helbig.


Helbig said the animals that will be used in the exhibit all belong to a park employee and they're confident none will be injured for the sake of a good scare.


Beyond the live animals, Kings Island will push the boundary of good taste with a graveyard of recently deceased celebrities.


Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger and Steve McNair are among the celebrity displays that will likely make you cringe. Farrah Fawcett even sports her famous red tank top for one display. The park promises even more.


"You're gonna see Ted Kennedy, Ed McMahon and there's still other ones yet to be placed," said Helbig.


Needless to say, this year's Halloween Haunt is not for the younger crowd.


"(There's) a lot of intense imagery, suggestive themes and things like that, so if you have young children, don't bring them to Halloween Haunt," recommended Helbig.

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