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Plopsaland De Panne Discussion Thread

P. 13: "The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland" coaster theme announced!

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^This ride looks fantastic!


Someone needs to show these pictures to those in the planning departments of other parks to show that when building a large new ride you don't need to clear the land to the point of a baron wasteland (cough*Cedar Point*cough). The setting for this ride is beautiful and it looks like it has already been there a while due to the mature trees surrounding the ride that it interacts with.

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Yesterday, it was the annually wintermeeting at Plopsaland the Panne. So us fans got the chance to get a glimp of the new coaster. We also saw the trains for the first time.


My pictures:




It is gonna be impressive, when the coaster will be surrounded with all the plants and tree's







The beginning of the ride


It's unbelievable but there is not a single brick in here! It's all concrete!












Not much light coming in like this












The generator that will produce the power for the launch












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2013) theater

2014) indoor water park

2015) hotel



(can a mod rename this thread to "Plopsaland Discussion Thread")

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