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  1. The construction for Plopsaqua, the swimming pool at Plopsaland De Panne, has started. Plopsaqua will be build next to the Plopsa Theater (that opened this year), at the entrance of the park. The water park will open late 2014, begin 2015. Pictures: PlopsaFansite And there is also some new artwork by Plopsa:
  2. The new Wickieland - the Vic/Vicky The Viking area - will open today but there was a VIP- and guest-opening/party yesterday: Pictures from PlopsaFansite: http://plopsafansite.be/DePanne/Dossiers/2013-Wickie/Opening/
  3. Here are some pictures of yesterday. Wickieland (the new area with the disc'o and the splash battle) will open on the 1st of July, the brand new Plopsa Theater the 15th of July (with the Plopsa-classic "Samson & Gert Zomershow"): Wickieland Plopsa Theater Pictures from: http://plopsafansite.be/Nieuws/2013-06-14/nieuwtjes-in-plopsaland-de-panne-14-juni-2013/
  4. Some new pictures of the construction of the "Wickie Zone" and the new "Plopsa Theater". Opening is scheduled for July. "Wickie The Battle" (splashbattle - Mack Rides) and a new shop in the background The construction for the mountain around "De Grote Golf" (Disc'o Coaster - Zamperla) New restaurant Theater Theater (Pictures made on the 1st of May - http://plopsafansite.be/Nieuws/2013-05-01/nieuwtjes-in-plopsaland-de-panne-1-mei-2013/)
  5. Past Sunday I went, once again, to Plopsaland De Panne. Here's a small photo trip report of my day. SpringFlyer! About the name: 'Spring' in Dutch means 'Jump' in English. 'Spring' in English means 'Lente' in Dutch. And... Spring is the name of a teenager soap made by - surprise, surprise - Studio 100 Mega Mindy is 'our' Superwoman. This is one of the attractions in her area in the park: De Vliegende Fietsen. It's a Magic Bikes, made by Zamperla. 'De Vleermuis' (The Bat) is a very small, but unique coaster. It's one of the Caripro-coasters that still work. Flower Power at the Entrance Area Samson (the dog) and Gert (not the horse) was the first characters of Studio 100. It's 20 years ago that they aired the first episode of the program. During july and august they still give live-shows in Plopsaland De Panne! De Boomstammetjes Fun with Photoshop. Where did that Pirateboat went to? The farm-area is quite cute! Some pirate-theming near the entrance of SuperSplash A little dive to the launch area and ... Tophat, just after the launch It's the first looping coaster in a Plopsa-park. We want more! Another one Anubis: The Ride. Picture made in 'SpringFlyer', the park's StarFlyer. Another scene in the waiting area A statue in the waiting area from Anubis: The Ride. It's 'Graaf Rohan', who was one of the main characters in the first movie of Anubis (Het Huis Anubis/The Anubis House) 'Kabouter Smal' (Gnome - eh - Beautiful?) during her show There is a live show with a character from the television every saturday, sunday, Belgium and Dutch holidays and daily in july and august This is Plop, the 'main gnome' 'Bos van Plop' is the only darkride of the park. You can see how all the gnomes in the forest of Plop (that's another character by Studio 100) live. Meet 'Amika'. This horse is the star in the show with the same name. It's the newest production made by Studio 100, the owners of the Plopsa-parks.
  6. The last days before the opening, tomorrow. I'm looking forward to ride Anubis: The Ride
  7. Next week they are going to begin with the construction of the coaster. Yay! "De" in Dutch isn't the same "De" in French. I don't know the whole story, but I think it must be something historical? Not that it's interesting, but it's good the know. La traduction de 'de' en Néerlandais et... en Français. De (Dutch) = 'Le' or 'La' (French) De (French) = 'Van' (Dutch)
  8. Lol! No, the park is located in 'De Panne', near the border with France. Thats why the park's "new" (since 2006) name is 'Plopsaland De Panne'. Actually has the park two names: one in Dutch (Plopsaland De Panne) and one in French (Plopsaland La Panne), just like the village 'De/La Panne'. Why? Because 'De Panne' means something else in French.
  9. I hope that you don't mind that I place my pictures here, too. I've went to Plopsaland De Panne last saturday, on a 'nocturne' (a late night opening with at the end of the day a special show and fireworks). Here are some of my pics: It's 23h05, time to go home Plop Hamburger Restaurant. Plop is a gnome, so he lives in a giant mushroom ... nearly the same place, five houres after the last picture This is the new building with a new Plopsa Winkel (Plopsa Shop) Rollerskater. Yes, it's a Vekoma. The Carrousel SuperSplash SpringFlyer in action!
  10. Last week someone posted some pictures of "Plopsa Indoor Hasselt". In this topic you'll find some pictures from Plopsa Indoor's big brother: Plopsaland De Panne from season 2006. The name of the park was untill 2005 only "Plopsaland", but with the opening of Plopsa Indoor Hasselt (at Hasselt) and the name-change of the newest park in Coo (Plopsa Coo) they have changed the name of Plopsaland in "Plopsaland De Panne". They have 4 coasters (De Draak (The Dragon), De Vleermuis (The Bat), Dongo's Race and Rollerskater), none of them has a loop. They have also a Mack SuperSplash and a Star Flyer, they both opened last season (2006). Plopsaland De Panne, and it's owners: Studio 100, are sometimes called the Disney from Belgium. That's because they have a lot of figures that are famouse in Belgium (like Samson & Gert, Piet Piraat, Wizzy & Woppy, Spring, TopStars, K3, Big & Betsy, Bo & Monica, Het Huis Anubis, Mega Mindy,...). Enough talked: here are some pictures of last season and some aditional pictures of the plans of this park! Oh yeah: for more picts look at the official site of Plopsaland De Panne: www.plopsa.be ! This is an photo made some weeks ago. At this picture you can see some starting works for the new entrance-area (opening is planned for season 2008). This is a the Plop Hamburger Restaurant. Around this huge tree they are going to add tree new kids-attractions and a lot of theming! The Castle of King Samson is a Mack log-flume This is the Castle-area. Het Bos van Plop (the forest of Gnome Plop) is one of the most popular attractions in the park. Another photo of the fireworks During the summer they have every saturday a huge musical fireworksshow. Most of the time they use the CD "Studio 100 Classics" with special versions of their songs. A goat in the 'Big and Betsy'-area (Big is dutch for a pig). This is one of the many animals in and around this farm. This attraction is called De Vleermuis (The Bat). It's a Caripro Bat Flyer. During winter 2005-2006 the Pirateboat is replaced to the middle of the leak. This is a speciale themed map of the re-newed Pirate-area. A close-up of the SuperSplash with is unique lift. Meet "Piet Piraat". This is one of the many figures of Studio 100. He is standing in his themed-area: the Piratezone Spring is a Flemisch well-known musicband. Spring is the dutch word for the english "jump"... this attraction is the SpringFlyer a Star Flyer. This is the re-newed Pirate-area. The tower and coaster is a Mack SuperSplash. This picture is made in the SpringFlyer (a "Star Flyer" attraction).
  11. The "Vuurtoren" (in English it's "The Lighthouse") is a not so big Zierer 'Family Freefall Tower', but it's a attraction where everybody has much fun on! The tower has some nice drops! "De Piratenbaan", the only coaster in this park, is also very cool. It's a normal Zierer 'Force Two' coaster, but the effect of the stars and figures of Piet Piraat is very cool! You've got also "De Woeste Zee" ("The Wild Sea"), but this isn't such fun as the Vuurtoren or the Piratenbaan. By the way: this week the park is in a little carnival-theme (as you see on the pictures). There is a special "Bumba" (a clown) show and normally there falls out 'confetti' out of the roof on the entrance area.
  12. You've Americans really should know what we think of this "news"... almost everyone in the EU thinks that the hanging of Saddam will make the "war" worse then it already is, and all thanks to our great Texas Cowboy. No, kill him is not the solution. It's for him physical worse to let hem stay in jail for the rest of his life, then kill hem in "10 seconds".
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