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Walt Disney World Resort Non-Park Discussion Thread

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I first saw these things at FAO Schwarz in NYC. I thought they were so cool I was almost tempted to buy one but then thought "what would I do with it" "I have no room to use it plus I bet they cost a lot too". But this post makes me want to revisit that thought.

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^ No, they loved it! They came out and took pictures, wanted to know where they could get one.... etc. And as you see from the report, even the Whispering Canyon cast members came out and played with them! They weren't disruptive or anything, as all they really are is a balloon. But instead of having it on a string, we have it on a remote control. They don't make noise or anything like that.

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^ No, they loved it! They came out and took pictures, wanted to know where they could get one.... etc. And as you see from the report, even the Whispering Canyon cast members came out and played with them! They weren't disruptive or anything, as all they really are is a balloon. But instead of having it on a string, we have it on a remote control. They don't make noise or anything like that.


That's great that Disney was really cool with it! They should pay you a commission when they start selling them there and making a fortune

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That looks pretty cool. What kind of control do you have over them? Up, down, Forward? What makes them move?


It's like a weight system which moves underneath the shark, going from the nose to near the back of the body. The video shows off how you can steer the shark using it's fins They're actually great fun, only problem being that helium is quite expensive here in the UK and they go down quite quick.

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Sorry not read all the posting since Sharks sighted!


Air New Zealand Pilot calls air traffic control to tell them about a flying shark near Auckland International Airport. This was reported in the Australian papers maybe a week or so ago....



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Today the brand new "Exotic Driving Experience" opens at the Walt Disney World Speedway! For more details, check out http://www.exoticdriving.com


Check out photos and a video from Elissa driving a Lamborghini Gallardo & getting a ride in a Ferrari 458 Italia with Formula One driver Christian Fittipaldi!



To give you an idea of the cars and pricing available, here is the list of "exotic cars" you can choose from! There is also the Ferrari 458 Italia (not pictured here) as the highest end option! They also offer a "Thrill Ride Along" for $99.


The fleet of cars looks very impressive with TWO Ferrari 458 Italia leading the pack!


Elissa and Adam have their credentials and are getting ready for their experience.


"Exotic Driving School!" Gotta know your cars and safety stuff!


By luck of the draw, Elissa got to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo! She was kinda hoping for her favorite Ferrari 458 Italia (yes she's a huge car buff!) but this one will do! =)


"Maybe one day I'll be able to get to drive you!"


Now THAT is a hot look for Elissa!


Time for the crash helmet... er... we mean helmet...


If you want to look just like this, visit the website on the helmet!


"I'm ready to drive!!!"


"This car costs more than some people's houses!"


A look inside the Lamborghini Gallardo!


And she's off!


A brand new course was built at the WDW Speedway to accommodate the exotic cars.


Along with doing part of the oval during your laps, the exotics drive this new "formula one street track" with sharp turns and curves.


Oh, no! Elissa about to be passed up by an Audi R8!


Go get 'em Elissa!


The Ferrari 458 Italia is the highest end (and most expensive) car they have in the fleet! It's VERY impressive! (And one of Elissa's favorites!)


After her driving in the Lamborghini, Elissa was given a VERY special treat! She was given a ride in her Ferrari 458 Italia with Formula One driver Christian Fittipaldi!


A ride in this $280,000 car should prove to be just a *bit* more exciting! =)


And there they go! At about 160MPH!!!!


Here they go coming into the oval!


Elissa says "As much as I would have liked to drive it...there is NO WAY I would have gone as fast or as insane as Christian drives!!! This was AMAZING!"


Coming into the street track part now...


There they go! Taking those turns pretty fast!


Heading into the pits...Elissa was quite excited by this ride!


HUGE thumbs up for the new Exotic Driving Experience!!! Check out the website link above for more info!

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Everyone should sign up to do this immediately!


I'm already planning on heading back at some point soon! It was worth every penny!!! These are amazing cars and they let you drive them how they are meant to be driven in a completely safe environment.

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As a car person I have to say this looks VERY worth it. Whoever picked these cars out definitely did a good job, there isn't a single "bad" car in the bunch. I'm definitely interested in doing this one day, driving a 458 on a track for that price is an incredibly good deal.


And no they do not let you "Fittipaldi" over the finish line

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Great! I have to mark that on my Todo-List for my visit at WDW in the next years! The fastest I drove on our highway with the car of my dad 8 years ago was 133mph and that was on a straight course for just a half minute - more wasn´t possible because of the traffic after that I had a normal speed around 111mph. 160mph, that sounds like fun and I guess the speedup in these cars must be amazing!


Driving one of those cars must be very exciting and doing it on a real racing track must be more interesting than on a straight track!!!

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I need to start saving my pennies to do this. I am a total car nut who will watch the same rerun of Top Gear (the UK version, not the crappy US one) multiple times. The street track kind of reminds me of the track on Top Gear as well (do they have a Michael Gambon corner? ). To be able to drive one of those beauties would help me tick some things off my bucket list for sure!

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It looked like he took it very cautiously through the Esses. I was a bit disappointed. Christian Fittipaldi is more known for his work in IndyCar/CART than F1. He was only in F1 for a few years, mostly because he wasnt quite up to the insane standards there. But he was very good in CART. Good driver. I know a lot about him, he raced on the same team as my favourite drive through the mid to late 90s.


Now Im thinking of doing my Gotham Driving Experience and then next time Im in Disney, grabbing the Italia and taking it as hard as they will let you.


Elissa, with you as driver, how hard would they let you push it? I know its a SMALL course, so that helps keep speeds down but I feel like the Esses could be navigated way faster (and as he said, he took it at 50% of cars capabilities) Is there a guideline about how fast you can and cant go? The website isnt as descriptive as Id like. I drive karts (actual racing karts) whenever I get the chance, I'd be willing to go at the turns as hard as they let me.

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^Your instructor basically tells you how fast you can go. You can hear in the video when he tells me to either accelerate or slow down. It's totally based on your abilities and how comfortable the instructor feels with you. They have a dial where they can decide how much power to give you (it's the only mod on the cars). For example, coming out and going back into pit row they dial you down to 20% just so you can't do anything stupid. When you're out on the course it's full 100% unless you don't listen to them or act stupid. The esses are much harder than they look as they are very tight and small.


As for Christian, anyone who can do a backflip in a car and cross the finish line has all the F1 cred he needs!

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Awesome, good to hear. Dialing it down in and out of pit road is a GREAT idea. People have no idea how easy it is under power or under intense braking it is to lose control of a car.


Guess Id have to do some extra convincing to let me open it up a bit.




Nice Monza 1993 reference He has more claim to fame than that but thats a pretty good one to live by. Shame he always drove for the lesser teams. He comes from racing heritage though with Emerson as his Uncle who won the Indy 500 twice. Thats quite a catch they landed getting Christian in there.


Good deal. Glad to see Disney undertake something like this. I know the next time Im there, Im doing it. 458 - here I come.

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