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Six Flags Magic Mountain Tatsu Flying Coaster

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robbalvey said: "I really can't think of too many other coasters that have their station track painted a completely different color than the rest of the ride. Certainly not any at SFMM!"


Next time you ride Gold Rusher, look what color the station track is. It isn't yellow like the rest of the ride...



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Good news, kiddies, there's more track pieces! Today two more station pieces showed up, trying to hide next to the ones that showed up on Wednesday, but nonetheless, NEW!


Also, the mechanics working on Thrill Shot are kicking it into high gear, the top of the cart was on, and they had begun to attach the Tower B cable. I wandered over with another former Thrill Shot worker and we checked out the scene (still missing a few pieces, but oh well) from the side exit gate. The panel is unbelievably dirty, ghastly almost to see so much crud caked to our beloved panel.......poor thing. Like I said, there's still a few things missing, but a supervisor I talked to is pretty sure it could be opening as soon as this weekend.....like the day after tomorrow. :shock:


On a totally different note, today was Sky Tower's annual inspection, kinda funny to watch the elevators going up and down and seeing a guy walking on the OUTSIDE of the tower structure, about 3/4 of the way up. The same sup. that told me about Thrill Shot said they've been trying to get Sky Tower going again, not sure what that means.

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Oh, Oh,


I'm going tomorrow after I pick Jarett up from Kindergarten. Any one else care to get some excercise pushing a twin stroller fully loaded up Saumari Summit?


Going down is easy. Just give it a little push and follow the screams.


I want to touch the track that will be named "The California Condor"


Guy "listen to the little children scream... they are screams of joy" Koepp

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I am currently organizing my update. Im using a different photo gallery, so I may add more commentary (although, I just may post it directly here, thanks to Robbs criticism on navigation of my updates!).




BTW...I have already been lectured on posting stuff that breaks park rules, so I wouldn't dare do it again. However, I just so happen to have a friend that works at SFMM, who was so bold (and wrong!) to go close up to the pieces after work. He was kind enough to send me a few pics. So if anybody would like to see them, just email me (arrowfanman@hauntedmansion.com) .


EDIT: My update for 9/9 can be viewed HERE...thats right...HERE.




-Jahan "If you cant get an Alvey update, this will do, trust me" Makanvand

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Exactly...it'll be BUILT to run three trains, but will SFMM run that many? I can't imagine them, but who knows.


SFGAd ran all four trains on Ka (VERY well, too) so I'll hope for the best. It's going to be longer than the Superman flyers too, so the additional train will definitely help move the lines (God I hate how SFoG rarely ever uses their dual station - that line HAULS when they run three!).


Even though everyone hates SFMM, I actually can't wait to go back in three weeks - we actually had an amazing two visits back in April. The park was dead on that Christian Music night (when they were open til 1am) and we got TONS of rides on everything, it was awesome!


Joe "hopes it's like that again" C.

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Its cool to see that you guys finally got visual confirmation about your ride.


On S:UF the dual stations worked fine at first. As the years have progressed the tranfer track often breaks down during 3 train operation, so it sucks when you have 2 trains stacked in the brakes. Other than that i prefer our(georgia) dual loading station over the Gadv single loading station.


I think its kind of funny, we down in georgia are getting a better goliath, and you guys are getting a better flyer.

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Off Topic: ^do you really believe this little flyer MM is getting is really going to put it over CP in the ratings. I think not. Whats the point of having 17 coasters if half of them are in poor operation. CP is competing with Gadv now, so get over MM past hype. Hopefully it will become like the glory days again.


On Topic: Do you guys have any idea on when you will get your press release. Theres no telling on when this ride will open based on that you guys are still prepping the site for construction. How lame would it be if you guys got a flyer similar to air.


Also has anyone connected the dots of all the survey markings yet, so we can get a general idea on where the ride is going, i dont really keep up with non-GA construction.

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SFMM is laying the smack-down on CP this year! Pappa don't preach!
Of course... Considering CP has 2 rides above the largest in MM... Considering that Flashback hasn't operated in a few years... Considering that CP at least still has transport rides... Magic Mountain needs to put in some more family friendly rides again...


That said of course I can't wait to see what this ride turns out to be... I just think Magic Mountain has to refocus their efforts a bit.

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