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Six Flags Magic Mountain Tatsu Flying Coaster

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Hey now, I don't hate anybody here! I'm just being my usual silly self, no harm meant.


However, I don't even hate SFMM if you can believe it. I think it's capable of *much* better things, but I have to tell you, I haven't had a truly *terrible* visit there ever. I think I've been about 8 times there so far.


I think the worst thing they do is open some main attractions late. That can start the day off on the wrong foot.


BTW, random side note here, is X running two trains consistently even on lighter attended days, or do they drop to one? I don't think it'll be terribly busy when I go on Fri, Oct 7, so I'm hoping they still keep two on.


Joe "full of love" C.

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Honestly Joe, They have really improved over the past 2 years. After the disaterous summer with X down, Riddler and Batman running ONE train, etc. it could only get better, but it really has!


Deja Vu and X have been running really consistantly, most coasters running multiple trains, and heck, they're actually putting effort into the Flyer!


I haven't seen X run only 1 train in quite a while now so I'd guess you're okay for that!

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Not to get too off track of the flyer topic, but you mentioned that God-awful summer where big rides were running one train (I can't even imagine what the lines had to be like)...I never heard a reason for that. Why on Earth would they run one train on RRv and Batman in the middle of the summer!!


And that's great that they usually don't run one train on X anymore...too bad everyone thinks it's so rough though (well, good for me, at least )!



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well i'd just loike to draw your attention to my post on page three!


Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2005 12:38 pm Post subject:




Hey ok after dodling about a few other site's and a bit of my own investigation i wanna put forward a theroy:


1. definitly a ride as you can clearly see Q BLDG and Q WLKWAY in some photo's

2. i think it's going to be a flying B&M

3. The colour scheme will be orange.

4. it may or may not involve the removal of OE as it can easily fly close to it without it needing to be removed and to increase excitement

5. Flashback will be the ride to be removed

6. drawing your attention to picture # 25 I think to L2R could mean load to ride.If i knew there was the posibility of a station or even a second loading station as in l2r i could be wrong!it's a lot less obvious than writing STATN.


Well anyway thats my 2 cents.Feel free to say what you want as this is just a andtheroy and has absolutely no evidence whatsoever!!!!


3 out of six isn't bad maybe i could go for all 6?!

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Batman was because we sent one of our trains to SFNO when they got their Batman Clone. (Apparently the trains from that ride were in really bad shape)


I don't really know about Riddler, judging from other trains you see around the park I would guess they didn't pass state inspection.

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I hope when the new flyer opens that they will run more the one train after the frist year. The color scheme isn't that bad and now that I think about it I kind of like it. I just wish it wasn't at the top of the hill. I really dont want to hike up there in the moring to ride the coaster, but I will end up doing it every time.

Does any one know whats going on with the Sky Tower. :?

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Anybody have any thoughts on what the new rides name will be?


I mean, we know it won't be Superman (like the other SF Flyers).


I was thinking since they have a Batman villian coaster (Riddlers) that maybe they will use a Superman Villian for this one.


I was thinking:


Mr. Mxyzptlk


Just to have people trying to pronounce it would be funny.

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since its in the samurai area why not "Flight Of The Assassin"


BTW i went to six flags last friday heres part of my TR on X


"Then finally went to X now i expected some wait for this ride but good grief we sat in the station for about a hour and 15 minutes because they were only running one train i know its a weekday and not that busy but common sense would tell you this is a very popular ride and to run both trains.


It got to the point people were just up and walking out of line because they didnt want to wait any longer. It was a great ride i took the outside seat and had a blast. didnt feel rough to me at all."

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