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Six Flags Magic Mountain Tatsu Flying Coaster

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Besides the B:TR train sent to SFNO, RRv, Goldrusher, Viper, Ninja, and I think Goliath all had trains in rehab to get them to pass state inspections.


I wonder why they sent the BTR train from SFMM to SFNO instead of one of the other lesser attended parks with a BTR like La Ronde or SFStL?


That is seriously insane though how many rides ran one train. I can see why so many people lost faith in the place and haven't come back!



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If I had to bet, I'd say Orient is staying...but things change, so who knows. But yeah, I'd count on riding it again!


And Skytower, too. I'd bet a large sum of money to say that it will not be taking the Great Gasp route. Now if it ever opens again, that's another topic altogether.


J "I'm being less obnoxious, right? lol" C.

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Does any one know if the orient is staying or leaving. :?


Well conceidering they have ripped the track up and have started demolishing the station... I would say leaving.


What are you talking about? Orient is still there. They are going to do some major work on that general area to get stuff back open again. Sky Tower will be back in service, Revolution is getting fixed up for it's 30th aniversary, and Orient will be back up and running. If they tore out Orient, how would the fat/lazy people get up to the summit?

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I likes to sez the same thing to my shoulder restraints as I sez to my strippaz.


Take it off!!


But Revolution won't and therefore never gets a bill stuffed between its up stop wheels.


Guy "I likes my coasters like I likes my strippaz. Smooth, plenty of airtime and if built correctly their will be lots of _ _ _ _ involved" Koepp

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Anyone want to pay the insurance bill for removing the OTSR's?


Unfortunately they are there for a reason *cough* stupid guests *cough*, and removing them is not permitted under state law unless everyone signs off on the change.

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I have heard those decisions ( lab bars/OTSR) are made on a case by case basis.


Revolution had lab bars until people started reporting getting whiplash from the ride. People also weren't following the rules and leaning forward and out the side of the train. You know, the same crap they do on Gold Rusher.

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