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Six Flags Magic Mountain Tatsu Flying Coaster

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For the latest November 12th, 2005 photos, click the link below:





July 8th, 2005 (Scroll Down)


Since I got home early from work today I figured I'd take a stop by the mountain and see what was happening on the hillside.


Much to my surprise, there were markers EVERYWHERE!


Reading what is on them it seems that a lot of questions have been answered:


- Where the queue station is going to be.

- Where the overflow queue line is going to be

- Where some supports and footers are going to go

- Areas that are marked for elevation


Of course, the big question still remains "What are they constructing?" This could very well be a really large fence!


But the rumors have said it's a new coaster, and the rumors have also said that an older SFMM may be removed in the process. Most people have been speculating either Ninja or the Log Jammer, but being that there aren't markers anywhere near those two rides, and there are LOTS of markers around Orient Express and the Sky Tower, that makes me wonder even more.


I'm not going to add any fuel to the rumor fire, I figure that will be left to all of you to speculate!


But remember, all of this is JUST RUMOR, there has been NOTHING CONFIRMED, and as always, wait for the official announcement before you claim anything as "fact."


We will continue to bring you as many construction updates as possible once there is some more action. So if you want to see what's going on at SFMM for 2006, keep your browser pointed here!


That being said, onto some photos!!!


Yeah, those flags are REALLY close to the Orient Express tracks! Let the speculation begin!!!!! =)


Back down the hill we go!


This little guy is all "Please don't tear down my nice gardens for Fence: The Ride!"


This is all that's left of the old oriental gardens.


Ahh, here it is! "Fence: The Ride" in all it's glory! =)


Could this be the 'old ride' rumored to be removed? It's not like it's been open for years anyway!


That's getting very close to the Sky Tower!


Well, now that is a very interesting place for a marker.


A closer look. Anyone know what those numbers might mean?


More markers, but this time up by the Sky Tower.


You guessed it! More queue building! Maybe this is actually NOT "Fence: The Ride" but "Queue Building: The Ride!"


Hmm...I wonder what those little flags say?


This photo will give you a better idea of where the queue building is going.


More trees going bye bye it seems.


Damn, there sure are a LOT of these little flag thingys!


Looks like some trees have been marked for removal. I sure hope they use the wood for the fence! =)


Ahh, here we go, this looks more like elevation and support markers! For the fence...that is.....


The Queue walkway doesn't just take over the current path, there are also markings for it in the trees down by the games area.


Seems that if "Fence: The Ride" is going to be popular, it needs a lot of overflow queue!


Here you can see the pathway for the queue.


Damn, this queue building construction takes over quite a bit of the hillside.


Oooh, that queue building is going to be RIGHT NEXT to the incline railway...or the railway will be going ......hmm......


Wow, there is a lot of them right up against the Orient Express tracks!


Yup, looks like "Fence: The Ride" is going to have quite a large queue building!


Here is a marker that is on the left of the path if you are heading up towards Samurai Summit.


Hey! Maybe even "Fence: The Ride" will need a nice queue building! =)


More QBLDG and Elevation markers.


These "Q Bldg" markers were on the path that heads down the hill (from the games at the bottom to the stairs leading to Orient Express)


Upon closer insepection, they would appear to be "Elevation Markers." But are they? And for what? Even a nice big new fence might need elevation markers! =)


Hmmm...whatever is going here is going to be VERY close to the tracks. Is there enough room for the incline railway and whatever those are markers for?


Riding up Orient Express you can start to see markers on the Log Jammer side of the ride.


Fortunatley for us, the gate at the bottom of the hill by the coffee shop was OPEN! Could there be a new coaster on this hill next year? Hmm....


There is a lot of activity on both sides of the Orient Express tracks. Could this be the rumored 'old ride' that is going to be removed?

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On some sites, these rumors are going WAY TOO FAR out of control. People are going to the Mountain, and seeing the footers and coming back on to say "yea, and the ride will do this, and this, and this."


I have been going every week now, and have never seen anything to indicate anysort of a layout.


I think that the Oriental Express will be removed, as it will cost much more to take down the other things. We all know how well SFMM preps for a coaster. Look at Scream!



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^ Yeah, that's kind of why I took the more comical approach.


We know they are building something, we know there will be a queue, but anything more than that, and I might as well speculate the height and speed of Fence: The Ride!


On a side note, the "Fence: The Ride" thing comes from many many years ago, before Oblivion was built, someone posted photos of new footers at Alton Towers. They claimed to be for a new coaster, and they turned out to be for a fence!


--Robb "And now maybe it's SFMM's turn to build Fence: The Ride!" Alvey

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I hope it is a B&M of some sort!


I have never been on a flying coaster, so that would be nice. BTW, Robb, do you remember what I said at Beach, B&Ms and BBQ? "Maybe SFMM will put some giant freefall in place of the old Sky Tower". I hope the markers on the hill are for a coaster, and the markers by the Sky Tower are for a drop ride.


I am looking forward to the next update.


Antonio" Thanks Robb!" G.

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It would really suck if the Orient Express got taken out. I could care less about the Sky Tower. Robb, about those "numbers". When I was at Knotts about a year ago they had numbers like those where bigger things go. Such a large support or something else. A piece of paper taped onto a support might match that number on the ground. Just an idea. Also, if that sign does mean Elevator. Then its gonna be a coaster. I think every coaster at the park as an elevater attached to the station.


Michael"Gonna protest over the O.E being removed"Thomas

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You are correct, Robb. Those markers simply state the elevation at that point. A GPS crew probably went out with the points and elevations programmed into their receiver. An afternoon, a bundle of stakes, and a roll of ribbon later, voila! That is pretty much what I do for MnDOT (Minnesota Dept of Transportation) over the summer.


I agree that it would be a shame if Orient Express got axed. That hill gets steeper and steeper as the afternoon progresses.


Paul "My quads got a good workout at WCB!" Miller

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I think it might be a woodie that ISN'T CRAP! :shock: Years ago there was a rumor about a Intamin Mega Woodie at SFMM. Too bad that was just a rumor It couldn't be The Escalator ride because of how the marks are made!

Kevin"The Intamin Mega Woodie had to go to SFGAdv. "Bujold

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I think it's pretty unlikely that it's a woodie. First off, that would be a very difficult spot to build the structure for a wooden coaster! And the areas where the markers are placed, it doesn't look like it's that spread out of a ride.


But I agree, I also wouldn't mind having a nice Intamin woodie at SFMM!


All they need to do is rip out Psyclone and Balder would fit nicely there!



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All they need to do is rip out Psyclone and Balder would fit nicely there!


I vote for that!






And S:UF doesn't fit in that space.


...but a mirror clone does...gulp.


Is it too much to ask of SFMM, to say "do it right this time....make the ride less cheesy than the batman stunt show!"

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