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Six Flags America (SFA) Discussion Thread

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I'm almost certain they went to support Apocalypse as well. Six Flags has done that a lot... XLR8's trains went to Ninja, Great American Scream Machine's trains went to Viper, etc. No wonder Magic Mountain has been able to hold onto their classics longer than other SF parks!


I almost forget that Roar is a GCI, given that it doesn't even feel like one at all. Their older designs were definitely more "CCI" influenced than the twistiness we see from them today.

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^ That was my guess, as well, but I was curious to see if anyone knew for sure. I'm surprised they didn't end up on SFA's Roar.

Maybe it's because the GCI trains don't run well on track already worn in with PTCs? Hershey's Wildcat somehow ran worse than Roar (having ridden both), and GhostRider going to GCI trains also involved extensive retracking.

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I only rode Roar once in 2008 and I found it pretty fun. Definitely in the upper half of wooden coasters I have ridden. I actually like both of SFAs wooden coasters more than KDs. Which therefore makes that the only thing I like about SFA more than KD

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:lol: That's terrific. I love Six Flags.


the center of Titan at SFoT is used for storage too. . so while on the Coaster, you're in a helix with perfect views of: parts of the Trioka, decommissioned parking lot shuttles, and rafts from Thunder River/Roaring Rapids that are out of service.



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^ Whatever happened to the MF trains from SFDK's Roar?


They are at SFStL underneath batman. I'm pretty sure they are being used for parts for American Thunder


Edit: Here's proof


So that's just out in a guest area?


Pretty much, that's the flash pass queue/overflow

What's funny is that they could pass this off as theming, since theming on Batman coasters usually consists of dilapidated cars and scrap metal.

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For what it's worth, Mean Streak's infield always had all kinds of ride parts, extra pieces, and even Halloweekends props strewn about in clear view. It's not like every park has a giant warehouse or a ton of storage space to work with. Some have to make do.


And you can also see a bunch of crap next to millennium force as well. They used to have extra Gemini trains sitting inside of mean streaks infield. At one time, they even had a train from geauga lakes double loop coaster. I assume they were using it for parts.

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