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  1. That image is way different than any other promo pictures they have released. The yellow is darker than I'd like and the queue building is not there which I find weird since they have already started building the shop and hopefully what is the entrance. I know its just concept but I'm still a bit worried.
  2. For Six Flags Discovery Kingdom V2 is being repainted to yellow supports and red track and is being renamed The Flash: Vertical Velocity.
  3. POST REMOVED - Please do not link to things in that Reddit group. They aren't friendly towards us so I don't feel the need to be friendly towards them.
  4. they have shown signs of working on the ride as they have added more trims along the track and have moved a car back into the ride area. Also the park president as said it will reopen this summer so I bet they are finishing off the lawsuit and awaiting state approval.
  5. They had to go back and redesign part of the supports to fit over the go-karts. Also with Steel Curtain and Maxx force premier had to have a company in Italy produce the track.
  6. V2 repaint looks to have been started as pressure washing in the station has begun. There's a huge tarp in the station to protect the rest of the station. The old colors are beginning to show more than usual.
  7. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=pt&u=http://exmpartners.com.br/exmnews/diretoria-e-dono-do-hopi-hari-disputam-plano/&prev=search Looks like Six Flags is gonna possibly be managing a new park soon.
  8. If deja Vu moves to hopi hari do you think they will invest in new premier trains or keep the old ones?
  9. idk if they are still there but Roar trains from SFDK were under there too.
  10. i really hope each train of the Hyper is themed to a different candy bar.
  11. Rumor is that they're replacing it with the newer version of the Larson Loop without the joystick since they don't like it and neither does New Jersey. However rumor is that it will be shipped to La Ronde for Chaos.
  12. I was told that the hint was just a joke as Wonder Woman is also tall and steel and has been in the works for over a year. I see it being a skyline eclipse.
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