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  1. I have young children. We spent the entire day there. Had a good time. The waits for the gondola, and antique cars was a debacle, but can't have everything...lol
  2. So in other words, switch Dutch Wonderland for Saturday, and Knoebels to Monday.
  3. How are crowds on Saturdays this year. We are heading up.
  4. I'm glad they are continuing. Good news is that all will be ready by opening.
  5. Oh, I will. Just happy that the crowd should be somewhat down. Not a fan of waiting more than 30 minutes in line. I usually hit my parks on Mondays and Tuesdays. My only option is Sunday this time.
  6. Hey all. Are crowds unbearable in the middle of August? May be going on August 9. It's a Sunday.
  7. Yup, a great teaser campaign. On another note, the park did a good job with keeping it under wraps. That radio station dropped the ball. Bet that they will not get dibs on news again.
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