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I work at a B&M coaster this year. Far better than an Intamin/PTC woodie. I no longer feel like if I forget something that all my riders are gonna die.


Bwahaha.... thanks that is so encouraging for someone who so far hasn't found the courage to ride on their local B&M hyper. I know this is a post from last year, but, thanks!!


(I did read about the Intamin coaster lapbar accidents, and these contributed to making me nervous.... if the beautiful beast in my neighbourhood had OSR, I would have gone on it 7 years ago...)

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I'm a ride operator at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I operate just less than half of the rides, including Giant Dipper, Hurricane, a Huss Pirate, Zamperla Mini-Himalaya, Bertazzon Swinging-Himalaya, S&S Double Shot, the Merry-Go-Round, Haunted Castle, Chance Revolution (Fireball), and a Bertazzon Swing Carousel.


My favorite to operate? Probably Fireball. It runs an excellent cycle, guests really enjoy it, and it has strobe lights to use at night.

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I of course am a ride op here at Carowinds. This is my second year and I think this is the best job I could ever have asked for. My home ride this year is Afterburn, but I am also currently certified at Thunder Road, Dodgems, Southern Star, Rip Roaring Rapids, TV Road Trip, and Nick Jr. Jets.

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Once more I'm working rides at Coney Island....all of them. This is my 4th season now, and I basically work all the rides and attractions now, including the ticket booth. I'm pretty much an unofficial rides manager at this point, since all the managers always come to me when they need help...

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This is my third year with Cedar Fair, probably going to be a lot more after this one.


2007 - Cedar Point - Maverick

Also trained at CP & LE Railroad, maXair, and Snake River Falls


2008 - Michigan's Adventure - Roving TL / Adventure Falls TL

Trained at all rides in the park


2009 - Michigan's Adventure - Logger's Run TL / Skycoaster Site Controller

Also trained at Thunderhawk, Scrambler, Thunderbolt, Tilt-a-Whirl, Trabant, Flying Trapeze, Falling Star, Dodgem, Sea Dragon and Ripcord


I'm hoping to actually leave ride operations and get into PR or Marketing sometime in the future. We'll see.

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Interesting thread, really amused by the kid who dumped CP just because he didn't get the ride he wanted, even if the posts were over a year ago. Sure management was very happy to weed him out that early before they had to deal with any more drama.


Worked for a summer at SFNE a few years ago. Wouldn't want to do it again but it did work for me in the way it works for many kids, in that parks are usually the only place that will allow you to work loads and loads of hours reliably. Horrible pay but it can still pay off!

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Greetings TPR. I've been a fan for quite some time now but only recently joined.


Just wanted to let people know that I was accepted in the Cultural Representative Program and I'm going to be working Attractions at the Canadian Pavilion (Oh Canada).


I fly down from Montreal on the 16th of February and I should be starting around the 20th or so. The program lasts a year and I'm quite excited to say the least.


Just letting everyone know that if they find themselves at the Canadian Pavilion in the coming year and they want to see Oh Canada (and why wouldn't you?)...


they have a friendly fellow TPR forum member in Ben working there and reminding them not to eat during the movie.


Look forward to saying hello.


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I will continue working at Linnanmäki as a ride-op. Only this year I will be there for the whole season (end of April to beginning of September). Currently I have a "driver's licence" to all the kiddie rides, Pikajuna and Hurjakuru. This year I will most probably get a couple more. I'm really hoping to get one for Kirnu or Salama

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Still working as ride operator at Tibidabo.


It's been years since I got certified to work every ride but I can mostly be found on their new coaster "Muntanya Russa", the Air Diver "Pndol" or their 4D cinema "DiDiDaDo".


Can also be found occasionally selling tickets or at the Season Pass centre.

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Was a sweeper at Playland at the PNE last year. Not the best job in the world for sure. Sweep, sweep, change garbage bags, clean up puke, answer customer's questions, wipe picnic tables, listen to kids' parents complaints, sweep, repeat for 5 hours.


Hopefully they accept my transfer request to be a ride op this season. If I had a choice, I'd want to be a train dispatcher.

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