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Hi all,


Just found out my assigned ride this summer is Demon Drop- ya'll stop by and say hello (and see that I am not as odd as some on here think that I am). Note: My nametag will say "Ray- Cleveland State University" not BrownStreak (gawd- why did I choose that name?).


Anyone else from the site working at a park this summer that would like to let TPR readers know their locations?

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I haven't gone overboard on mentioning it, so I'll jump in.


If you look to your left and below you, I'm working at Cedar Point this summer. I'm 99% sure I'll be on the CP&LE Railroad (the train); if this changes I'll let you guys know.


My name tag'll read "Amanda - Fairport Harbor, Ohio" and if you have no idea what I look like, go to www.myspace.com/amandavincelli.


Hope to meet some TPR people (finally) this summer!

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Do any of the CP guys (or gals) know that the Pre Opening Week Employee Ride Night rides are yet? I won't pop up until Thursday or Friday (8th or 9th)- work wise as I have 1.5 finals left next week and I am working at least Mon & Tue at my campus job.

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I too will be working at Cedar Point this summer.I am the TL at

Monster/Witches Wheel .



2005 - 3rd in charge Mine Ride


2006 - ATL Mine Ride


2007 - TL Mine Ride


2008 - TL Monster/Witches Wheel

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I didn't even know that there WERE ride nights before opening.... cool!


Don't get too excited- the Pre-Opening Ride Nights are usually the less popular/easy to learn rides. When I worked there in '99 one of the 1st nights was Chaos/Trioka/Ski Jumper thingy and Power Tower was later on. Raptor in the Dark was a few weeks into the season. Its mostly a matter of its harder to learn the bigger attractions. Later in the season they have a night party in the water park.

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I'll be working at SFGAm this summer. I got an internship with the park at a park operations lead. So I'm hoping to receive further details as to my assignment but I know I'll be covering multiple rides as I'm overseeing an entire section. I leave from here in Boston on the 19th so I'll be starting shortly there after.


JUTS FYI, SFGAm is the only six flags park i know that has internships which include housing for a small fee. The rest of the parks i was looking at besides Cedar Fair were not offering housing. I was also offered an internship at BGE but they wanted to place me at the mary go round and the traidwinds (or however you spell it). I declined because I really wanted to work with coasters.


Im looking forward to heading to IL, is anyone else going to be working there? Let me know because I've never been out there and its all going to new.

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I'll be working rides at Coney Island (Cincy) for the third year. I'd switch to KI, but I want to see if I can move up the ladder into some management position in a few years.


Oh yeah, my name tag will read "Jared" Hope to see you guys there sometime.

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