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This year I realized I should probably stop park hoppin' and settle down at one park for a while, so I'm returning to Michigan's Adventure. But in keeping with my theme of trying new things, I decided to switch departments instead of parks. I always wanted to be one of those old Coney Island barkers, "Hurray, hurray, hurray, step right up! Two dollars a play for the man in grey!"


I don't know why, but I'm going back for year number four with Cedar Fair, again at Michigan's Adventure. Finally, I'm in charge of one of the world's greatest wooden roller coasters, Shivering Timbers, the first ever Dinn & Summers woodie, Wolverine Wildcat, and our miniature train, Timbertown Railway.


Congrats on TL of Shivering Timbers. I hear the ST ride ops used to do trivia for enthusiasts during Timbersfest, I'm hoping they bring that back this year. You could probably rip some sick spiels for that ride..."Welcome ST riders to the tallest, fastest, and longest wooden roller coaster in Michigan. We're going to take you up 122 ft and drop you .... .... ... oh yeah and bring you back safely."


This will be my 11th year at Disney playing piano at the Hoop Dee Doo Revue at Ft. Wilderness.


What! That show still exists? I thought they cancelled it. I have many fond memories of that show from my childhood. Especially when the cast goes into the crowd and the one female actress screamed mid-show at the sight of how handsome my father was and the red-faced look on my mother. Ahhhhhh Magical Moments...makes me miss Disney.

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Kara's sad you're not going back to merchandise this year, but merch has always been the problem department at Mich. Advent. I told her to switch to rides, but she's terrified of being in control of a ride. lol


My goal with Timbers this year is to try and bring the teamwork, efficiency and fun you can find at the big parks to the crew. It's my first time back to operating a coaster since Maverick, after two years of water rides, and I really hope I can bring some Cedar Point-isms over to help make things enjoyable again. I love spieling, too, I actually won the "super spieler" award at Cedar Point for Coastermania (some people on here might remember my "FILL THE EMPTY SEATS!" campaign), so Timbersfest is going to be freakin' amazing. Hopefully the weather's better this year for it, attendance was WAY down compared to a few years ago, and absolutely a disaster compared to the first few years.


Jon "just glad I'm FINALLY not operating a water ride" Roost

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Just got a spot on the 2010 Ripcord crew at Cedar Point!
As has already been said, skycoasters are absolutely a blast to work. I almost went back to being regular crew on Ripcord instead of a TL this year, just because it's so much fun.

It's been tough the last two seasons not working at a Skycoaster like I did my first three seasons. Thankfully my career is moving forward, but I'll always remember my roots!

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First time I have seen this thread and thought I would share my park info!


2008 - Cedar Point - Mantis (Contracted Ride) and was also trained at Millennium Force, Raptor, Skyride and Planet Snoopy

2009 - Cedar Point - Raptor (Assistant Team Leader) and was also trained at Skyride, Maverick and Planet Snoopy

2010 - Cedar Point - Sweeps (Team Leader)


I'm very excited for this season, I am looking forward to being out on the midways! If you visit, look for me (Tall guy in a yellow uniform with a radio). I will be roving around the front of the park, from the main entrance all the way along the main midway!

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Admittedly I'm a bit sad, but mostly happy to report that this will be my first season in 7 years that I am not working at a park-- hooray!


I had a really great run with the CF parks and am so thankful for all of the opportunities and experiences I got there. Even though it was time for me to move on, my years as a theme park slave will always hold a special place in my heart. Here's my history:


2003 -- Ride Operator @ Cedar Point, mainly Corkscrew but a little Magnum here and there as well

2004 -- Ride Operator @ Cedar Point, Millennium Force

2005 -- Group Sales Supervisor & Marketing Intern, Michigan's Adventure

2006 -- Same as 2005

May of 2007 -- Marketing Intern @ Valleyfair

June of 2007 - January 2009 -- Group Sales Coordinator @ Valleyfair (hired on year-round)

January 2009 - January 2010 -- Promotions & Communications Manager @ Valleyfair (still year-round)


Like a lot of other young enthusiasts, it was a huge dream of mine to eventually wind-up working full-time in Marketing for a park and luckily for me the pieces fell in the right spots and I made it happen. I know this sounds WAY cheezy, but definitely don't give up, and keep going after whatever it is you aspire to be with the park or company you work for.


For me, my theme park dream really lead me to what I consider is my true calling-- working for the non-profit Give Kids The World. Now I just have to figure out what it's like to have weekends off and work only 40 hours a week...what am I to do?!

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For me, my theme park dream really lead me to what I consider is my true calling-- working for the non-profit Give Kids The World. Now I just have to figure out what it's like to have weekends off and work only 40 hours a week...what am I to do?!



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