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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

p. 276: Penguin Trek family coaster announced!

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As it says they are "artist impressions" of what somebody thinks the ride will be so not the real deal. Plus there is no copyright on the graphics.

My thinking is while rather interesting interrpatation of the ride they are not official graphics of the coaster.


That theory begs the question why someone would spend a good amount of time creating an artist impression if they weren't commissioned by Busch. I think this is official artwork, just in a rough draft form.

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I think this is official artwork, just in a rough draft form.


One part of me wants to agree, knowing that Busch concept art has been really atrocious in the past, and one part of me wants to scream out fake. I'm starting to lean to the former than the latter. The car design is cool, but frankly I'm a little disappointed overall. I don't know, for some reason I was expecting more. I'll have to see more to really make up my mind.

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I don't know if anyone remembers, but right before SheiKra was announced there was some artwork that surfaced that was similar to this. The artwork showed the entire SheiKra layout in a very "rough" form, but included a second inversion before the splash that was apparently modified out of Busch's original plans. If this is legitimate, then I would have to say that it is a very early draft and that there could be some noticeable differences between this artwork and the final design. However, this artwork could be a starting point for what we should expect from this project, so I guess we'll see in May...

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Is this the artwork you're talking about?


Can't remember where I got these, but credit to the original artists, sources, alien overlords, etc.


New trains.


Since we're coasting down memory lane...Old trains.






Almost nice enough to frame, eh?


Here's some of Griffon's concept art for comparison too.

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From what I can gather from somebody I trust these seem to be the real deal or has been said a rough form of the real drawings. The rough layout does seem to be what I had expected, with a good drop into an immelman, come around to mid brake, drop again and do some fan turns and a splash. Guess for me if this is close what the real coaster will be I have a hard time believeing that this is the largest investment ever. Well I guess if you account for the econemy and the cost of things today, similar to how BGT has been saying that Jungala was the largest investment in the park when really its just a couple buildings and a few kiddie rides.

Now just have to wait for the announcement for the real layout and other things., .

This could also be Sea Worlds way of starting the excitment of the ride with releasing the graphics to get people talking.

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Is this the artwork you're talking about?


No, before those came out. There was a set that was a rough draft that showed a second inversion before the water splash. I'll look and see if I can dig them up, but they may be hard to find. I think thye might have even been a No Limits rendering from someone who managed to see the layout before it was finalized, but I can't remember since it was a few years ago.

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Judging from the artwork, I think this is going to very similar to AIR. I can see a lot of dissapointed people around... (Unless the theming is mindblowing or happen to like Air)


I was hoping for an ROTM type but that doesn't look like its going to happen!

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I was always kind of skeptical of the red track. I didn't see how a Manta Ray would ever have anything RED about it. This seems very logical, more on the ball. I think we're going to see this come out to be true.


I'm just excited to be getting a new type of coaster here in Florida. I always wished for a flying coaster... my prayers are being answered (while i watch the papal mass at yankee stadium )


I have a feeling there's something else about this ride we're missing, that we just don't know about yet... but doubt it. we'll see next month.


i really can't wait for 09... Orlando is going to BLOW UP from so much new coaster-fun-ness.




edit: OH... and i'm surprised there aren't more seats across... only four? kinda sad it's not 6.. or 8... maybe that will come out to hold true?

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^It almost looks more like a big overbanked turn, like the first element on Dueling Dragons: Ice. I hope I'm wrong, or the concept art isn't very accurate there.


I've actually always wished there would be a flyer that comes super close to water. Inverts and flyers would obviously be the best for the effect, but I always thought flyers would be a little better than inverts because your whole body and face come close and are looking right at it, rather than just trying to kick the water. When the rumor about the Cedar Point steelie leaving by '09 or '10, I immediately hoped one of the ones over the lagoon would leave and be replaced by a flyer (though Kinzel kinda verified that won't happen). In short, I'll be on cloud nine if this thing does indeed glide inches off the water surface. Skim along it...oh my...I will cry tears of heavenly joy.

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SeaWorld's next coaster: Manta

posted by ScottPowers on Apr 21, 2008 11:06:27 AM


SeaWorld Orlando is trying to hold back details of its next big coaster until a big announcement, but the name appears to be Manta -- a moniker which the park sought to trademark last month -- and artist's renderings appear to be leaking all over the Internet.


On March 12 Sea World Inc. filed an application to trademark the name "Manta" with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The application says the name is for use in "entertainment in the nature of an amusement park ride." Earlier this month Busch Entertainment Corp., SeaWorld's parent co., announced they are building a new, high-tech coaster in the northeast corner of the park (shown here in a March 31 photo from the SeaWorld Sky Tower.) Few details have been revealed, pending a big, formal announcement.


Manta is the name attached to artist's renderings of a new coaster that appeared this morning on at least two independent theme park fan websites -- IOACentral (which mostly focuses on Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure) and TheDibb (a British site that bills itself as "Disney With a British Accent.")


The renderings show a manta ray-shaped, four-rider-across vehicle, in which riders lay face down. The track is built over a lagoon and the vehicle splashes through it.


A third independent theme park site, ScreamScape, which has been following the coaster closely for many months, pointed out TheDibb art, and posted an assessment of how the track depicted in those renderings would compare with other B&W Flying-built roller coasters.


If the name Manta sounds familiar it might be because SeaWorld's sister park, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, has a coaster called Montu.


The SeaWorld ride is set to open sometime in 2009, in the area formerly occupied by a flamingo-habitat exhibit, a backyard-habitat exhibit, other small exhibits and a gift shop. In that location visitors will encounter the ride almost at the SeaWorld gate, giving the park a new iconic element at the entrance.


Joseph Couceiro, vice president of sales and marketing for SeaWorld's parent company, Busch Entertainment Corp., said the coaster would be part thrill ride and part animal attraction, a theme that visitors will experience from the time they take their place in line until the time they leave the post-ride area.


"It's going to have animal components, marine-life components. It will have a very unique, state-of-the-art ride, a roller coaster if you will, that will provide a sensation of gliding," Couceiro said. "The combination of the animals and the ride is what makes it special."

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