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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

P. 272: New Howl-O-Scream 2022 details released!

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LOL...i know. i do think superman is very slow...and short. they made tatsu bigger and better by far. that pretzle loop is my favorite element in superman. they used to have the camera at the bottom of it. lol. fun faces there! you are making me want to go back to cali early! hopefully manta will be big!!! then i can get my fix earlier...BUT...being a more family oriented place...probably not... but its still fun! cant wait to see how they accomplish the water spurts!

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I still want to go to SFGAD. I was supposed to go this summer, but my friend owed in taxes instead of a getting a refund, so we had to settle for something a bit cheaper. I really wanted to ride El Toro, but maybe next year. I also wanted to try another flyer. Even though Tatsu is longer than the Superman clones, it's faster too, so it looks as if the cycle time is about the same.

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im not understanding why the above comment was posted. please school me on the reasoning behind the "last warning" comment - as i read the entire topic between monday and tuesday, and didnt see anything stating a first warning... im sorry if i dont understand why. i did re read the link (rules) again too, just to be sure, and i still didnt do anything wrong... we went off topic for a second..and not even really - b/c we were comparing the other flying costers.


....and im still fixated on any information anyone has about Manta.


ADMIN EDIT: You've been warned before about lack of capitalization, over capitalization, and text grammar. Twice today both through posts and PMs.


but totally back to topic --> i found this on youtube...



The ride seems slow...just like Superman. Doesnt show a water splash effect once it hits the water either. And it seems the pretzle loop will be in it...which is good - im excited about that. Cant wait to see actual on ride footage! Does anyone know how acurate these computer generated rides are for speed purposes?

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^ I think that that ride looks fun. Although I can almost guarantee you that this is not what the layout will look like. This looks like someone saw the concept art, got excited about it and decided to make a No Limits version of the ride and post it on youtube. There is no source on the layout and I doubt that Sea World would use No Limits for their promo video, unless they wanna take the Hershey route.

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I to love how things are made. One of the reasons I follow the construction is to see how its done. I will be up in Orlando again tomorrow for a live film shoot at Universal Studios (doing the Today show for the Simpsons ride) and may stop in at Sea World just to see what they are doing, that is if I have time.

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Great pictures! I too love watching the construction progress.


I wanted to comment on that NO Limits re-creation. I seriously don't think it will have that much height. I realy see this thing being more of the AIR style flying coaster. I think it will harmlessly glide through its course. It also wouldn't shock me to see a nice sized portion, or the beginning of the ride as an underwater or dark ride segment. I don't think Manta will be any where near as aggressive as Tatsu or even as mildly aggressive as any of the SUF clones.


But that's just my two cents.


Guy "I still think it will be a great ride though." Koepp

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^^To be honest I would be surprised if this ride has more than two inversions. Of course that will not take away from the ride's integrity. If it is not a thrill ride, which I'm almost absolutely sure it isn't, It will still offer something dynamic and fun. The downside to B&M being family rides however, is that pesky 54" height requirement.

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^I agree, I think at the most we'll see a couple of fly to lay positions and of course the infamous lay to fly position. I think we might also see a brand new sized ride vehicle that would accomodate a 48" rider as well. It seems that Bush Inc. has quite an unusual way of getting B&M to create rides for them that are not in their normal scope. I also think I read somewhere that they were intent on keeping this ride family oriented.


Anyway, just my two cents.

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I just got back from a long trip to the Orlando area. I visited Seaworld 3 days not in a row. (I will try and post a trip report later) I got several good pictures from the skytower.

(free for Passport holders )

(Larger high quality construction photos available, pm me if you would like them)



Staging area


Skytower window's a little cracked.




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Was out at the park today for a look around.


Construction Update May 28th, 2008!

What's new out at the park today. More work has been done in the middle of the work area with large walls getting built. The footer drilling machine has been moved to a new location for more drilling. Rebar, well pumps and other equipment has shown up this week as work continues on Manta.


Couple of the latest photos are below and check out the rest at the link below!!!



General pond or splash area.


Work materials.


A look across the site.

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