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  1. I have a friend that works in rides at Fiesta Texas and is working now, he said the ride is closed but can not go into any more details about anything going on with the ride at this time.
  2. My computer crashed with less than 5 minutes less. I was right next to Robb! Now I can't back in line, it just shows the connecting screen again. Did it go down again or is there a cap on the line?
  3. Found these on YouTube. A gentleman on the ride a few seats in front of the POV riders posted video of the evacuation. He originally posted a POV video but removed it.
  4. I just got home from a long vacation in Orlando. I open the mailbox and the only thing in there is a TRP Bag of Crap. I was totally surprised. TPR Bag of Crap Thank you Robb, Elissa, & everyone at TPR!
  5. Hell Yeah Big Mike! Can't wait for more updates from the Big Man & coaster #1000!
  6. SFNE has a drop off zone. You enter the Main Parking lot entrance. You will see a guy sitting under an umbrella about 200ft down. You turn left at the guy and that is the bus & guest drop off zone. Then its just a short walk across the bridge to the Main gate.
  7. I am a friend of Big Mike! Big Mike, If you are in New England any Mondays or Tuesdays this summer or fall I would like to meet up, so I can finally meet the Big Man!
  8. I got mine a while ago and finally got to read it last night. All I can say is amazing. I should have never read it at work cause I couldn't put it down. I can't wait for the next english one.
  9. Big Mike, I would like to enter the contest because my favorite part of The Big Mike Road Show is how Super Amazing the Big Mike Road Show is, and how Super Amazing Big Mike is!
  10. While working tonight in the City of Worcester MA, I bumped into Prince Desmond. He joined the Canadian show group Cirque Du Soleil. He was the lead performer in the show-stopping Cirque Du Soleil Dralion. He was nice enough to stop and take a picture for me, but I had to give him some money for the his Save the Big Dipper fund. The hourglass tells how much time is left to save the Big Dipper
  11. I saw the prince recently and decided to follow him and look what I found. He was a lobbyist for Senator Scott Brown and looking to get a government bailout to save the Big Dipper. After that failed to happen cause he was in Massachusetts I followed him to Hill Valley and he was seen late at night at the Twin Pines Mall. "Great scott Marty, with this timz car, I can goes back and savzes teh big dippurs from clozings" When asked where he was going the Prince said "If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour... you're gonna see some serious savingz." Marty McFly responded "This is heavy."
  12. Lord Vader promised Prince Desmond any money leftover after building the second Deathstar could be used to save the Big Dipper.
  13. I just got this as part of Amusement Todays daily emails of amusement park happenings. Ohio developers plan April 2011 flea market at old amusement park lot A group of investors is planning to open the Geauga Lake Flea Market in Bainbridge, Ohio, in the parking lot of a former amusement park, according to a report in the Aurora Advocate. The developers have given a proposal to the local zoning commission, and they are hoping that the body will allow the use of the space for a new market. If the zoning change required goes through, the organizers will need to submit a use/commercial permit. According to the news report: The market would likely be a bi-weekly event from April to October featuring 200 to 400 goods vendors and 10 to 15 food and drink vendors, according to a written document outlining the proposal. The market could attract 1,000 people to each session. If the group, which has organized under Geauga Lake Flea Market LLP, gets the appropriate permit from the township, the market could open in April 2011. The feature story fleamarketzone.com/2010/11/29/ohio-market-planned-at-old-lot/
  14. I rarely post comments but I have to say this was one of the best Piers video ever. I fell off my office chair laughing so hard. Robb since he said he was missing a fork for his little mermaid medley, can we mail him a fork? Thank you for the great updates from Wisconsin. It looks so like much fun.
  15. Big Mike, Sorry it has taken so long to post this. Here is the Seaworld Big Mike Road Show card. P.S. Congrats on winning Fantasy Football, next year I plan to enter and give you a run for your money.
  16. Big Mike and Fans. I have located and secured the Big Mike Road Show Mystery Card from Seaworld Orlando. As soon as I get a few mins sometime before next weekend I will post a picture. Big Mike your Awesome. Now I just need to find me some hidden ducks and get a picture with you and frame to hang on my wall with other celebrities and theme park memorabilia.
  17. Disney and the Chinese Government is buying a lot of land and moving close to 5,000 families to create this new park. tinyurl.com/disney5000 I can't help but think that if the people can not afford to live in the city that they will not be able to buy tickets to visit the park and that this could be a repeat of Disney Hong Kong problems all over again. I think the mouse is stretching himself too far
  18. One big change I think we will see almost immediately will be the price of beer in the parks. A-B Inbev most likely sold beer to the parks at cost with little markup. So buying a beer in the park only cost $3 to $4, unless Blackstone has some way of keeping that deal going for a while I think we will start seeing the usual $6 beers at all the parks. Glad I don't drink beer at all.
  19. Source:www.orlandosentinel.com/business/orl-seaworld-orlando-sold-100709,0,1554695.story
  20. I totally agree Robb. I think the Travel, Discovery, and National Geographic Channels should hire you to do everything related to theme parks and roller coasters.
  21. I wasn't able to get it to save correctly Robb but I found another on on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdzjaHBbdho&feature=related This one is a little harder to see but it is the same ride. I am saving a copy of this. I can email anyone who would like a copy of it. Just pm me.
  22. 10/20 I think this was one of my lowest scores ever. I guess I better study for next month.
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