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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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I'm confused... it says you register for the event by sending an email and picture of everyone participating in the event? That doesn't make any sense. You just show up no registration required?


If you read the end of Robb's post, it clearly says that they will be selecting people.

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On a serious note: I went on Gold Striker for the first time this past Saturday and was absolutely blown away. You people who live near this park are lucky to live near the best wooden coaster in the state. Oh, and the event was amazing. I shall return soon!

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On a serious note: I went on Gold Striker for the first time this past Saturday and was absolutely blown away. You people who live near this park are lucky to live near the best wooden coaster in the state. Oh, and the event was amazing. I shall return soon!


I forget how good it is when I haven't been to the park in awhile. It really is tempting to say it's my #1 wooden coaster, or at least real close (and pretty high up overall). It's also really nice that it hasn't slowed or roughened as far as I can tell.

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So, I'm possibly visiting WinterFest sometime after Christmas. Given that Christmas will be over it might not be as crowded (but I can never be too sure). Now I've been to the park multiple times, but what would be the most recommended things to do/shows to see? I know I'm gonna try doing the ice skating in front of the carousel.

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Anyone going to the park tonight? Figured I'd check out Winterfest before it closes. I wonder how busy it'll be...

how was it?


we went last night. seemed pretty packed! might be because it's only part of the park that's open for the event. gold striker was running 2 trains and flight deck only one . hope the success of this years event encourages them to blow the event wide open next year, or reinvest a little into that hyper it was kinda cool to see the endeavor lake drained and the skeleton key houses flipped into christmas themes. they gotta deck out the bridge near mass effect's ceiling with lights like the one near the kids zone/wax museum.


also cool to finally be able to walk under the old tidal wave supports on that service road. it's time to throw some rides in all of that unused real estate like sfgam has!!!

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Just returned from from WinterFest. I thought it was a pretty interesting event. Though I found a couple of flaws with it. I dunno if it was just me, but the event felt pretty short. Those five hours felt like they went by quickly, and my brain felt it was on rush mode. And even though thst only about 2/3 of the park was open, I still think they should've had a few more rides open (especially Mass Effect). I was surprised how packed the park was (it might have been from how much of the park was open), especially with the lines to get on the rides and into the ice show. I was planning on doing the ice skating, but I didn't realize it was a reservation based thing until it was too late. But that didn't matter as I got my fix of Gold Striker and Flight Deck (both of which were running very smoothly), and I enjoyed the shows and atmosphere. To me, it almost felt like I stepped back in time to CGA's heydays. The place seemed very festive and merry, and it seemed to put a smile on my face.


All in all, I think WinterFest was a pretty good event. I would love to see how CGA can expand upon it for next year. And at least I only have to wait three more months until next season.


Already the front gate started to create more interest in this event for me


I think it could've been me, but it looked like there was a door opened within the old IMAX building


Before the Tree Lighting Ceremony


After the Tree Lighting Ceremony


I have good faith in Patriot. I really hope it'll be way better than Vortex. And speaking of...


Got an up close view of Patriot while in the Reindeer Roundup area


The reindeer look like their ready for WinterFest to end


I dunno why, but I kinda like the way this picture ended up


Tidal Wave/Greezed Lightnin remaints!


I still think that they should've done a holiday overlay for this ride. Maybe next season?


North Pole/Star Tower + Gold Striker


I liked the way they used the lights in this area (and the rest of the park)


Views from North Pole/Star Tower




Ended the night with the Snoopy ice show.


WinterFest ended up being a pretty good event. Can't wait for next season!

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I'm probably late to this discussion, but why isn't this park year-round like every other major park in California?


I think it's very possible for CGA to go year round, this could have been a test both as a prototype for WF but to see how crowds would also be for winter. So who knows, we could go year round next year or within the next few years.

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