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  1. Yeah he actually says in the video that he is singing the theme song that will play in the queue. Demon: Re-Ignited is probably what I'm most looking forward to this Haunt season.
  2. Hey all, went to Taste of Orleans on Saturday for media preview, and did an update on the construction site for Project SR1Here. I'll send the photos here too for y'alls convenience.
  3. CGA's has absolutely no airtime, is slow as hell, and has the worst restraint system ever created
  4. Kings Dominion, Cedar Point and Valleyfair come to mind as being on time. I guess you're right (though two of those haven't opened yet). Cedar Fair usually sets the standard when it comes to being on time with their new stuff, but Dorney, Worlds of Fun, CGA, Carowinds, and (kinda) Knott's were late this year. If you thought Cedar Fair was late, you wouldn't want to know what Six Flags' new rides look like right now (Hint: None of them are open). Anything before Memorial Day is nowhere near being late. Patriot opened a week after the park opened, and Knott's never closes so there is no "late"
  5. Given that the area is kinda sorta close to Whitewater Falls, what I'm predicting is that they'll remove WWF in the future and use that space plus the Invertigarden for a water coaster. I could be wrong, but that's just my guess. Looking further into it, I can definitely see now how a coaster going in to the spots of Invertigo and WWF wouldn't be that crazy. It looks completely plausible.
  6. Going to be at CGA and SFDK regularly, will probably also mix in trips to SCBB and Gilroy Gardens. Heading to the Santa Monica Pier and Universal Studios Hollywood in about a week, do not know any more past that. Might also put in a trip to somewhere in the midwest or southeast(huge Falcons fan, really want to see Mercedes Benz Stadium) and a trip to KBF.
  7. To be honest, I'm starting to have the same exact thoughts. That low sweeping turns is probably my favorite element at CGA outside of the double down on Gold Striker.
  8. You shouldn't have a problem getting on either. Gold Striker will have a longer line all day, but will never exceed 30-40 minutes, and Patriot hasn't been more than a 20 minute wait on it's opening weekend. Patriot has not been that reliable though so while it's open I would go there
  9. Agreed. I'm starting to get worried about the vibration, hopefully it doesn't turn into full out roughness anytime soon
  10. The car in front of Mel's Diner shot was the best. Always have loved American Graffiti
  11. Nice pictures, there also is an open air penguin exhibit at SFDK
  12. The one of Vortex was shot with a full train (as you can hear), the one of Patriot was shot (I believe) by the park with an empty train before media day (note the load platform at the end still under construction and with absolutely nobody in sight). You hit the nail on the head. When the train is full of riders, I highly doubt there is any noticeable difference in speed / duration. Exactly. At season pass preview night on Friday it was actually running a little faster than Vortex with a full train.
  13. Agreed on the Corkscrew. It's so much more fun as Patriot than it was on Vortex. I love the snappiness of old B&M corkscrews
  14. Rode Patriot last night at Preview Night. Got a whole 21 rides on it with no line! It's a really fun ride, with just one rough moment in one train and none in the other. Corkscrew is surprisingly intense now.
  15. If you want a "trick" for stand up coasters, slightly bend your knees until they lock the seats in place, and then fully lengthen your legs. It gives you a gap between the base and your privates
  16. There's that shirt, then I also heard from somebody that there is Patriot plushies. I'll have to get my hands on one of those
  17. I was going to try to go opening day, but I have Hamilton tickets so I think you know my choice
  18. They do a buffet in between some days towards the end of October. Nothing in the park will be open, you'll be cleared out just like it's regular park close. There is a restaurant in Levi's that is open during this time, or stuff just a 15-20 minute walk away. You can attend with a platinum pass
  19. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is bringing back VR on Kong https://coasterdemon.com/2017/02/08/six-flags-announces-the-new-revolution-galactic-attack-mixed-reality-vr-coaster-coming-to-six-flags-discovery-kingdom-and-six-flags-magic-mountain/
  20. The track layout for that red coaster looks similar to X-Flight at SFGAm. From the looks of it, that is X-Flight imposed on a map of CGA
  21. ^SFDK's had the title since Superman. Having four amazing coasters vs. 2 at CGA helps.
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