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In case you forgot what Cedar Point looks like...

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I don't really need to post this becuase I'm just going to say exactly the same as everyone else but you deserve it. These pictures are miles better than ones on professional coaster photo sites and I would love to see these on one, they deserve it!

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For all those that asked, it's a Canon Rebel XTi. I'm thinking of upgrading soon... The XSi is about to come out with 12Mpixels (this one has 8M pixels). I also used a Canon 100-400mm IS lens, which retails for about $2500, but can be had for about $1600.



I guess It depends what your wanting to take, but a higher megapixel sensor will give more noise in low lighting shots


Just a heads up


Also Awesome Photos, I love the one of Wicked Twister where the carriage is Still but the track is blurred, How did you take that shot?

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No this is true, although you have to take into account that the 12mp sensor is a similar size to the 8mp sensor, so it will have more of an effect. unless of course theyve massively changed the design between the two cameras, which I dont think they have. I have to admit Im not 100% sure what camera he is using, as Im used to the british names (eg. 350D 10D etc) I think he is referring to the 400D and the 500D? and if this is the case they are both very similar in outer design so the sensor cant have changed too much.

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All I can say is thanks for the photos. I have always loved close up shots of riders. You can see looks of pure joy and sometimes terror in people's faces... but it's all good because you know they are having a blast. I always like hearing comments from people who just got off Millenium on the way out after they get off. These definitely put a smile on my face.

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