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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 417 - Fury back open now with 100% less crack!

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I was looking at the picture of this red track for a while trying to decide what kind of element it might contribute to on the coaster. I looks like perhaps the top of a lift hill, the bottom of a drop, or coming out of a bunny hop. This is because it is unusually straight for B&M tracks. This is just my speculation and I am fully prepared to be proven wrong.



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Albeit DB hasn't even been open a year, but either way the coaster is going to be anything but a let down. Side note, anyone else think it is funny that of the top 20, 19 are either B&M or Intamin?


Come to think of it, 18 out of my top 20 are either Intamin or B&M. ...With Phantom's Revenge and ROTM (USF) being the only two that aren't.


With that said, I definitely agree that history is on the side of this new coaster.

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Yes. And the potential name vs. color of the track topic has been been mentioned numerous times in this thread including twice by me, both times I used Silver Bullet as an example.


As for the debate over whether I'm a jerk or not, that's settled already. I am one...bigtime!

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^Are you sure you aren't just looking at different pieces? There is a straight brake run piece as well as another, non straight brake run piece. The non straight one is likely to be where the downhill slope ends to straighten out for the transfer track. Or am I just not seeing what you're seeing?

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