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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 417 - Fury back open now with 100% less crack!

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Just for a recap to bring everyone up to date on the new coaster coming.


It is a B&M (possibly a hyper)

It is going to be Dale Earnhardt themed

South Carolina side of the park only.

10 acres to cover for the construction

Big tax discounts from York County (is that just property taxes?)

Maximum build height for Carowinds is 285 feet (not really sure but i think that is what i heard)

Digging is an option (they dug for Top Gun....er i mean Afterburn)


am i missing anything?



Been a while since i visited due to being busy, but 93 pages is a lot to read. Just trying to make it easier for anyone else who may want to know.

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The sky tower is 340 feet with antenna, but i think there is a local FAA code that says 285 feet is the max for a new structure within so far from the airport.


I may be wrong. Just going by hearsay




There have been instances with other parks that built over maximum allowed height by exceptions granted by local governments.

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I think these problems stem from the Carowinds tower being implicated in the plane crash in 1974. It's the one that Stephen Colbert's father and older brothers died on. Apparently there was a lot of fog that morning and the tower was being used as a landmark, but according to the FAA report, it just confused the flight crew more....


Not saying it absolutely has to do with the supposed new rules... just that it might. If nothing else, it's a piece of trivia I guess.

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It's probably just a precaution in case pilots are completely ignoring their altitude on final to the runway. It is strange that they were trying to locate a tower in foggy conditions though. Either way, I can see why they would impose a limit. God bless all those that were on Flight 212.

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I read somewhere that when The Time Machine was built at FMP, it was only 13 inches under the FAA restriction. But, if you've been to FMP and Carowinds, you know that the planes come ALOT closer to the ground at Freestyle.


Ya i just got back from Carowinds and was watching the planes fly over, they really don't fly low over the park at all. Also watched the tight rope walker guy, Nick Wallenda? Pretty good show, he says he will be back next year and will raise his cable to the top of the tower.

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If this ride is "record breaking," what is it going to break. I highly doubt height or speed because it would have to be launch and B&M doesn't build launch coasters except if the sub-contract it and if it were inversions, then where would the race car theme fit in.


Could be the tallest B&M hyper ever built. Either that or just a record breaker for the park and southeast.

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