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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 417 - Fury back open now with 100% less crack!

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Unfortunately, Carowinds has been removed from our planned trips this year due to the Pro-Discrimination legislation that was just passed in NC. Half of the park is in NC. Not a $ will be spend in NC this year by us.

Just go thru South gate and never cross the state line!



It's sad, but our government is bought and paid for by corporations these days. They don't work for the people. The best way to get action is to hit the corporations in the pocket. Only then will anyone with actual influence put pressure on these corporate puppets in government. A tourist destination like Carowinds could have some influence.


As the great Robb once said:


Bring politics or some stupid crap like this on our forums again and you will be banned faster than you can fall off a log flume.
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Oh this again? Anyone who claims they're boycotting a state because of a political decision was never planning to go anyway. You just want an excuse to talk about political and social issues on a coaster forum which nobody wants to do.

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I will respectfully disagree as I do not see a problem with someone backing out for those reasons. To each his own though.


I never said I had a problem with someone doing it. I said nobody was going to. Millions of people will claim they're boycotting the state and approximately 7 of them might have actually have been planning to go there. This is true every time anyone of any political affiliation decided to spread the word about boycotting a state.


Anyway can we talk about opening weekend?


Edit: Okay yeah this guy has been whining about Carowinds for years. I'm sure it was real high up in your travel list to begin with. Sounds like he just wants another excuse to talk about how he's not going to Carowinds

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I got my season pass and I'll be there in April. Can't wait to try out Plants v Zombies. And it doesn't bother me when somebody says their not visiting the park because of whatever reason...Just means there's less people there and less time I have to wait in line for Fury 325.

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Anyway can we talk about opening weekend?


I went in the evening Saturday to get a couple rides. First ride was on Intimidator and I was sadly not impressed. At the end of last year she was really delivering on the airtime but she was running a little more sluggish with the trims really cranked up. Also, I was not impressed by the ride ops. I asked if there was anyway to get the back and the attendant replied with "no" and that was all. Also, after getting buckled in and lowering the clamshell, the ride op came to me and shoved the restraint down twice and it didn't click down any further so he put all his weight into it practically crushing my waist and jabbing the metal buckle into my hip bone. After I winced in pain I asked him to pop it and he replied with "it's better now isn't it?" Fortunately, later that evening we got a little better experience on Intimidator.


Fury, on the other hand, was cranking through guests as always. This crew really knows what they're doing and the ride was running great still. I can't find a flaw in this ride and the more I ride it, the more I appreciate it, and I really love the turnaround into the tunnel. That sideways airtime is one of the most beautifully bizarre moments and it really makes me anxious to experience Lightning Rod's wave turn.

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Is the front row really that good? I know the drop is fantastic towards the back but I hear rumblings that the front row is where it's at. In all my rides I haven't had the opportunity to get up there...


I LOVE the front row on fury. Every other coaster I prefer the back, and the back of Fury is good, But nothing compared to the front.

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I will agree that every row on Fury is perfection, however if your looking for more floater airtime on the hills the back end is where you need to be and if your more into the ejector airtime the frontward seats especially the first row is where it's at and to the the pop of airtime thru the transition on the curves the left end seats on ever row is where you need to be IMO.




Edit: Just got to the park and it's slammed today. Yup I'll just grab some food and leave.

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Taste of the Carolinas is back starting this Saturday (April 9th) running to May 1st. I'll be there this weekend to check it out, here is the menu. https://www.carowinds.com/taste


Asheville/Mountain Region

Neese Sausage, Fig and Goat Cheese Popover

Mushroom Ravioli with Wild Herb Butter

Pecan Cinnamon Bread Pudding with Cream Cheese Icing


Upstate South Carolina Region

Jalapeno Pimento Cranberry Cheese Balls

Brunswick Stew

Windy Hill Apple Cobbler


Low Country Region

Tomato Pie

Seafood Gumbo

Chocolate Bourbon Pie


South Carolina Barbecue Region

Pulled Pork Spring Roll with Carolina Mustard Sauce

Barbecue Roasted Corn

Sweet Potato Popover


Outer Banks Region

Poached Seafood Salad

Fried Catfish with Calabash Hushpuppies

Outer Banks Honey Gelato


Lexington Barbecue Region

Beer Basted Pulled Pork Sliders

Barbecue Chicken Slider with Lexington Sauce

Barbecue Ribs


Charleston Region

Sweet Tea Glazed Chicken

Shrimp and Grits

Lady Baltimore Cake

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^I really don't have much interest in going back to Carowinds this year since all they really did in terms of why I go is remove Thunder Road and add nothing, but that menu is making me reconsider! That sounds wonderful.



You really feel the park added NOTHING this year?!?!?! If all you went to Carowinds for was for thunder road then there was the problem right there. But its nice to know that food would bring you back. Not Fury 325, not the water park expansion . . . but food.

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