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  1. The restraint sensors on the RMC's do vary wildly from seat to seat when it comes to being locked/green lighted for dispatch. I did the walk of shame twice on the Red train on Medusa (2nd car, back car) but then tried the Orange train and was able to ride. This made me realize it's no fun and risky being at the extreme limit of what can fit. That being said I lost 15 lbs before Twisted Colossus and Wicked Cyclone and was then able to ride both over and over again with no issues. In some seats they didn't even have to push down at all, it was fine when I pulled it down myself. But then some seats required the operator to come and push down. RMC is good gym motivation! I don't think I will go to Storm Chaser or Lightning Rod until I lose 15 lbs again because it is no fun to be turned away So what is your waist size, i'm currently 44 waist...Just wondering for data points!
  2. hmmmm...thinking that might be a trip worth taking this summer, very enticing.
  3. ^^^^^^This Just say single rider, and more likely they let you pick where you want to go. I guess too it depends on who is assigning rides. Some will tell which line, while others just let you pick. If you ask nicely they'll more and likely let you sit wherever. I asked for back row and front rows and granted both...usually the same ride ops work the same coasters. Good Luck!
  4. Visiting the park today... Intimidator back rows all shut down.... Seat belts not latching properly. Afterburn was stuck on lift hill for about 30 mins or more. Now time to ride fury.
  5. Do you think that Plants Vs. Zombies will be a short lived attraction at CW, or do you think it will be around for a while? i'll give it a few years, maybe 3...i just don't think its a big deal...a nice family attraction. Not something that i will look forward to doing during my visits.
  6. As for plants vs. zombies...i thought it was rather boring, i felt like the gun didn't really connect as well. I felt like i was just pulling a trigger, not really shooting or hitting anything. But it's a nice escape from the sun, and its different. I'd probably play it again, just for the heck of it. Not that entertaining though!
  7. Well i made it to Season Pass Preview Night...I didn't expect that many people to be there! It was my first time attending. It was like a busy Saturday, but on a Thursday! I was only able to ride Fury twice, Intimidator and Carolina Cobra once. Probably could have ridden more, but i only stayed for about two hours. Operations were painfully slow at Intimdator(3 trains), the ride ops at Fury (3 trains) were rocking and rolling, they had their act together. Cobra actually moved pretty fast to...maybe a 15-20 min wait.
  8. So ready for thursday, first time season pass holder here, and ready for preview night...wishing for some good weather! We took a dive in temperatures this weekend low 50's after being in the 70s/80s first part of the week, so excited! I miss you fury!
  9. Wow! That's pretty surprising! It was easily the longest line in the park the day I went earlier this year! I don't think I would mind it as much if I got to walk on when riding! Yeah i was surprised too...they were running two trains, so i'm sure that helped. One train left the station with only 3 people on it...longest lines were for Fury and Intimidator, and they were only like 5-8 min waits.
  10. made another trip to Carowinds yesterday, got to the park a little late around 6, but was still able to ride everything. Lines were almost non existent at Nighthawk, it was a walk every time we went to ride it. I was surprised i was able to fit. So now i can ride everything there. I thought it was rough, but nothing too bad. I didn't feel secure, the restraints felt very loose, i was too scared to put my hands out lol. Still blown away by Intimidator, it felt like it was running strong, the ride ops were really doing a good job of pushing the trains out. They'd say "you've got 15 seconds to put your stuff in the bin and get to your seat" i thought it was pretty funny. Fury was of course awesome as usual, i rode in the back row, middle and then my last ride of the night i was able to get FRONT ROW! I think front row is the absolute best, then the back row. Overall a good short day, planning to go back again before Scarowinds.
  11. ⬆⬆⬆ I rode it 3 times in a row last Tuesday and I couldn't agree with you more.
  12. I think it has some good air time in the first half, at the drop I'm out of my seat and like others mentioned in some of the turns, it's crazy how it whips you side to side! Of course second half all about air time.
  13. Visited Carowinds yesterday. that makes the 2nd time this season, first was back in April. I was all pumped to ride Fury then, but unfortunately i was still a little to big. Well big news guys, this fella right here was able to ride fury yesterday, and around 8 times at that. Oh man the first drop was insane, seemed like it went on for eternity. Loved the way fury whipped me around, with the turns and switchbacks. The airtime was crazy, i know i had to be a few inches out of my seat on those camel back hills. For those who may be concerned i am around 6 feet tall, 300lbs, and around a 44/46 waist. They allowed me to ride with just two clicks, all is needed for the system to read clear. The rest of the day went well i was able to ride everything but Nighthawk. Can't wait to go back, next tuesday!
  14. Going to Carowinds this Friday, the 3rd, general take on crowds around this time? I've heard they haven't even been that busy on Saturday's with most rides being walk on...plus it's supposed to rain.
  15. Awesome pictures, what kind of camera do you have? They're super crisp and clear...
  16. But don't you think eventually something needs to be done to Hurler? I know i was wishfully thinking....Fury 325 should suffice us for now...
  17. hahah i noticed that earlier lol...too funny! But yes RMC, both Hurlers please...We need this at Carowinds...Please and Thank You!
  18. Well thanks guys...i'm visiting Carowinds June 20th, we'll see if they soften up their requirements...I'll be happy if i get two clicks this time, still may not get to ride, but its improvement. HEHE!
  19. How many clicks do they require for Apollo's Chariot in order to ride? I'm a bigger guy, Fury 325 required 3 clicks, so i couldn't ride...
  20. How many clicks do they require for Leviathan in order to ride? I'm a bigger guy, Fury 325 required 3 clicks, so i couldn't ride...
  21. What size are you down to now? I'm wondering the same thing, i'm visiting the park on June 20th. i was too fat in April, I've lost 20 pounds since then, hope to lost another 10 by the June 20th. I guess i'm right at a 44/46 waist...i just hope my legs are small enough...since that's really where the bar rest.
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