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Nickelodeon Universe / American Dream Discussion Thread

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I'll go there in the dead of Winter when there are no other options without hopping on a plane (though we'll do a bit of that too) but Six Flags exists and there's no Fright Fest that I'd have to deal with so I see no appeal until they close.

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^Don't be so sure! This is American Dream we're talking about and I've seen crap policies like this at other places too.


I'll never forget Gaylord Palms big ICE play area for kids that had no bathroom and didn't allow re-entry...for the attraction portion that was geared for KIDS!!!!!

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No food period will be a win for everyone because there were M&Ms and Skittles everywhere on the ground when Alex and I visited That combined with soda spills and that slippery newly-paved/painted floor I was shocked I didn't see anyone bite it haha


Those commando security guards are so plentiful and the park is so small give 'em a broom and mop

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^ Nickelodeon Universe actually has bathrooms. That I can confirm from my one visit last year.


Did security follow you in?




They're apparently so good at making people uncomfortable that I thought maybe they really went the extra mile

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The park updated the ride page for Sandy's Blasting Bronco. It is no longer listed as "Coming Soon" and it isn't on the list of closed rides that was just updated. So it sounds like it's opening today.


In other news, the spinning/flipping bumper cars were added to the closed list. I forgot there was a ride out there more unreliable than Lightning Rod.

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37 minutes ago, Jakizle said:

Well, that's what happens if your name is Jizzman...

I've seen friends on FB riding it this week, so safe to say it is open. However, there is just something about this place that makes me feel uneasy about visiting, and I think i'll hold off until this pandemic dies down a little bit. 

It's funny, isn't it?

as "antiseptic" as the place looks, I kinda feel the same way  - I would feel uneasy.

Like, it's a pretend veneer of "clean". . but everything is sticky.



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I went last week and Sandy's Blasting Bronco was in fact open.  The ride is fantastic.  It's easily the most intense backwards launch out there and all 3 Immelmanns feel wildly different.  It's probably my favorite ride in the park.  It also ran consistently.  The only issue it had is that the turntable would lock up if the ride wasn't running non-stop (it was an empty day).  When that happened, maintenance would have to reset the ride which took just a few minutes.

Security was much better this time.  They were still there in large quantities, but they didn't harass anyone for taking photos or being there alone.

The Invader Zim bumper cars were actually relocated behind Shellraiser's banana roll.  The location is really awkward as it's in the corner of the park behind the bathroom.  In Invader Zim's old plot is one of those kiddie balloon towers.



New Balloon Ride.JPG


Invader Zim's Sign.JPG

Invader Zim's Relocated.JPG

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They should just get rid of the Zim ride.  Excellent show, stupid ride idea.

Sandy's looks ridiculous, though.  That's great to hear it's a solid ride; hopefully it'll find some traction as a clone.

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