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The Ugliest Building on Earth!

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll save myself some time and show you this


This is the Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea. It's 105 stories tall, making it the world's 22nd tallest skyscraper. This piece of crap is so ugly that North Korea airbrushes it out in brochures. North Korea recently spent more than 2% of their gross domestic product on it, and it still isn't done!

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I was just reading that they stopped construction in 1992 with no plans to ever complete it. Love the waste of materials!


It's North Korea. Why am I not surprised? As for the looks...eh, it's not the worst looking thing, but it's horribly misplaced. Shanghai, Dubai, or Vegas would work better.

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Reminds me of something from "Metropolis". I kind of like it, definitely not the worst building ever.


I must agree... I've seen much worse. This reminds me of Jim Bakker's defunct and abandoned theme park resort, which a hotel tower was completed structurally, but never finished nor opened.


While on that topic, don't forget that Cincinnati has an abandoned subway... parts of it were completed, but it sadly never saw a train pass through.


But this tower has to no doubt be the biggest example of abandonment before completion.

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Okay, here's the thing. I think it's the ugliest waste of money and materials of all time (save for the Big Dig), and that it cost 2% of the entire country's GNP, but it's not really THAT bad. I mean..it's just the Transamerica Pyramid with a couple of unnecessary erection-looking parts stuck onto it. I can name 5 uglier places without thinking: The Cow Palace in SF, It's a Small World in WDW (sorry, that would be most annoying..my bad), Crowne Plaza in Oakland, the now-destroyed Allis Hotel in Wichita, and, well..the Pentagon.

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