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List the parks you have visited in 2008

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Jeez... I feel lacking... heh...


Busch Gardens Africa (the park formerly known as Busch Gardens Tampa formerly known as Busch Gardens: The Dark Continent!)


Heading to Disney's Magic Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios in a week or so though...

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4/30 : Gardaland

5/01 : Movieland Studios

5/17 : HW

5/17 : SFKK

5/18 : KI

5/19 : Cedar Point

5/20 : Cedar Point

5/21 : Canada's Wonderland

5/22 : Kennywood

5/23 : Hershey Park

5/24 : Hershey Park

5/24 : Knoebels

5/25 : Dorney Park

5/26 : SFGAdv

5/27 : SFGAdv

5/28 : KD

5/29 : BGE

5/30 : SFA

6/11 : Gorky Park

6/11 : Luna Park

6/25 : Toverland

6/28 : Toverland


Total 2008 : 18 different parks = 22 parkvisits

(Total 2004 --> 2008 : 69 different parks = 175 parkvisits)

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In the correct order:


Astroland (Coney Island)




Rye Playland

Lake Compounce



Of the 42 coasters we rode on the trip, these are my favorites:


1. EL Toro

2. Storm Runner

3. Nitro

4. Superman Ride of Steel (SFNE)

5. Boulder Dash

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Kings Dominion





Disney Animal Kingdom

Disney Hollywood Studios


Hopefully Visiting:

Magic Kingdom


Darien Lake

Sea Breeze





Water Works at KD

Adventure Island




Typhoon Lagoon

Blizzard Beach

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Parks Tony and I have been to in 2008...


- Universal Studios Orlando!

- Islands Of Adventure!

- Magic Kingdom! (Florida)

- Epcot! (Florida)

- Animal Kingdom! (Florida)

- Disney Hollywood Studios! (Florida)

- Busch Gardens Africa!

- Six Flags Over Georiga!

- Silver Dollar City!

- Celebration City!

- Magic Springs!

- Frontier City!

- Six Flags Over Texas!

- Cedar Point!

- Idle Wild!

- Lake Compounce!

- Kennywood!

- Hershey Park!

- Six Flags America!

- Dorney Park!

- Kings Island!

- Busch Gardens Europe!

- Six Flags Great Adventure!


That makes what... 23 parks? Its not that many, but it has been fun!! We have a few more trips planned so I will add those to the list as we visit them!


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From beginning to current:


1 Jeepers (Auburn Hills, Michigan)

2 Busch Gardens Europe

3 Go Karts Plus

4 Six Flags Great Adventure

5 Nikelodeon Universe

6 Valleyfair!

7 Keansburg Amusement Park

8 Blackbeard's Cave

9 Gillian's Wonderland Pier

10 Playland's Castaway Cove

11 Morey's Piers

12 Krazy City

13 Rye Playland

14 Quassy Amusement Park

15 Lake Compounce

16 Hershey Park

17 Dutch Wonderland

18 Knoebels

19 Land of Make Believe

20 Pocono Whatever.. the thing with Pocono Lightning

21 Baja musements

22 Jolly ROger Park

23. Astoland

24. Wonderwheel Park

25. TL*3 park.whatever it's called

26. Adventureland (Long Island)

27. Boomers

I guess that sums it up for the year, 27, not bad

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-Six Flags Great America

-Holiday World

-Six Flags St. Louis

-Celebration City

-Silver Dollar City

-Magic Springs

-Six Flags over Texas

-Frontier City

-Mt. Olympus

-Timber Falls

-Little A-Merrick-A

-Cedar Point

-Darien Lake



-Six Flags Great Adventure


-Playland Park


-Deno’s Wonder Wheel

-Casino Pier

-Funtown Pier

-Dorney Park

-Dutch Wonderland


-Del Grosso’s

-Lakemont Park




29 as of right now. I still have several trips left.

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So far,Robert and I have visited the following parks: BGE,KD,SFA,Hersheypark,Dorney Park,Wisp Mountain Resort,Adventure Park USA,Knoebels,SFGAdv,Morey's Piers,Clementon,Waldameer,Kennywood and Dollywood. Also planning on SFNE,Lake Compounce,Quassy,Darien Lake,Martin's Fantasy Island,Canada's Wonderland,Hard Rock Park and Wild Adventures. In August,I'm doing a trip to Southern California with a group of people.

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-Beech Bend

-Wet 'n Wild


-Movie World, AU

-Six Flags Over Georgia





-Disney's CAdventure

-Indiana Beach

-Holiday World

-Cedar Point


And I've been to KI many times already.

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I'm with you there! Just one so far for me as well:


Cedar Point


However, things should improve between August and the remainder of the year, as I still plan to head to:


Kennywood (Multiple times, including Fright Nights and the Single Riders charity event.....that is, if they ever decide on the rescheduled date!)

Waldameer (New!)

Six Flags Great America (New!)


With any luck, my coaster count will officially hit triple digits! Yay!

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