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New Disneyland Mark VII Monorail train spotted!

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From MousePlanet:






Cropped shots:






Just in time. The current monorails are falling apart.


There has been some debate as to just how new this monorail is. Based on what I have read, I would consider it a massive refurbishment, but I would take these Internet musings with a grain of salt.


Whatever the case may be, we may finally be able to ride in some monorails without plastic peeling off the interior walls.

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When will these be at WDW?!




Not for a long long long long time. WDW has 12 Mark VI monorails. They take care of their really well and they don't constantly run the same monorail. And they are the updated version of DL's older one. All the monorails @ WDW now have computer screen control panel.



Hope that helps.

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The reason the trim doesn't line up there is because these are pretty much Mark V monorails with new nose cones, aka front and rear cars. Despite the inner 3 cars being rehashed Mark V's, they have supposedly been reworked as far as the windows go and all of the electric mechanisms and interior components have been replaced and/or completely overhauled.


Although I would've preferred that Disneyland spent the money and got truly new MVII monorail chassis, the way Walt Disney World got *really* new MVI's, it's a more than welcome change and update. The retro styling of the nosecones and the metallic red paint instead of the Mark V white paint with color-coding stripe is beautiful.


This is what a Disney refurb should be about, taking something old and making it as "new" as possible. Great work!


-Captain Jack

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So how long before it takes for the first jackass to etch some graffiti in the interior?


Takin' all bets!


I have a feeling that after the first Summer I'm going to wonder why we deserve refurbished monorails at all. I might as well renew my AP and enjoy them while they still look good.

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Well of course in California it would. But it isn't THAT hot here in Europe during the Summer. Of course, it still might get extremely hot it the cars.


All I can say is: It's about freakin time!

I truly hope it goes in and out of both parks, like DL and DCA.

And I also hope it is similar to all the others layout.


Disneyland Paris is going up.



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