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New Disneyland Mark VII Monorail train spotted!

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You know, I have to hand it to Disney for cool transport vehicle themeing. Sure, they could have just "a monorail" Basic, moves you around, forgettable. Oh no. Disney themes theirs with cool things like clever paint jobs, turns them into submarines, makes them go through hotels, etc.


I'm so glad Disney had a one-track mind.


Train from our 1994 WDW vacation.


Went ahead and made an avatar for anyone who'd be interested.


And now back to the New Old-Style Trains. Yay!

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I was able to see Monorail Red in the shop today before work, it's even more impressive in person. Today they were connecting some of the trains many electrical components. The interiors aren't entirely complete. Monorail Red is scheduled to start running with passengers in February. Monorail Blue will arrive in late February and run in the spring, Monorail Orange will arrive in the spring and begin running in the summer. There will no longer a purple monorail on the circuit, it will now be orange.

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The reason the trim doesn't line up there is because these are pretty much Mark V monorails with new nose cones, aka front and rear cars.


I'm still trying to figure out why the trim doesn't line up in that picture. If you look at the new and old monorail pictures the window glass shapes look the same, is that just a coincidence? Or did they leave the same basic cars and remodel just different parts of the nose cones?


Or are the front and rear cars completely new?

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Can't wait to see/ride them at night with this very cool new new feature:


A central seating island replaces the staggered rows of seating, and when the doors close the recessed LED lighting in the cabin begins its show and changes to a dark shade that matches the color of the train. The red train's cabin will morph into a dark shade of red as the train departs the station, looking less like a city bus and more like a trendy nightclub, or at the very least like the cabin of a hip Virgin America jetliner. The blue train will have a dark blue shade for the cabin lighting, and so on throughout the fleet.
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